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one box COA capsule for the 1990 china panda platinum 1oz NO COIN
one box coa capsule for the 1990 china panda platinum 1oz no coin
1995 China Panda 10 Yuan Platinum Panda NGC PF68UC
1995 china panda 10 yuan platinum panda ngc pf68uc
1990 China tenth oz Proof Platinum Panda PF 69 NGC SKU62026
1990 china tenth oz proof platinum panda pf 69 ngc sku62026
China 1982 2017 35th Annv Silver Sphere Ball 1 Kilo Panda Silver Commemorative
china 1982 2017 35th annv silver sphere ball 1 kilo panda silver commemorative
1996 China Twentieth oz Platinum Panda Necklace Pendant Charm
1996 china twentieth oz platinum panda necklace pendant charm
1996 5 Yuan Twentieth oz Platinum Proof Chinese Panda 09DUD
1996 5 yuan twentieth oz platinum proof chinese panda 09dud
1996P Chinese 25 Yuan Unicorn  NGC PF70 UCAM  Rare Platinum  Top Pop RC4826
1996p chinese 25 yuan unicorn ngc pf70 ucam rare platinum top pop rc4826
inv3757 pcgs pr69 1988 100yn china peoples republic dragon 1 oz 9995 pt
1990 China Proof half oz quarter oz tenth oz 995 Platinum Pandas 3 Coin Set w Box COA
1990 china proof half oz quarter oz tenth oz 995 platinum pandas 3 coin set w box coa
1995 Peoples Republic of China 50 Yuan Platinum Unicorn Graded PGCS PR67DCAM
1995 peoples republic of china 50 yuan platinum unicorn graded pgcs pr67dcam
1994 China Panda Twentieth oz Platinum Coin Pendant w 14K YG Fancy Bezel REDUCED
1994 china panda twentieth oz platinum coin pendant w 14k yg fancy bezel reduced
1990 China Panda tenth oz Gold Coin Pendant w 14K Y Gold Rope Diamond Cut Bezel
1990 china panda tenth oz gold coin pendant w 14k y gold rope diamond cut bezel

China 1995 5 Yuan Twentieth Oz 9995 Platinum Proof Panda NGC Proof Scarce Date
china 1995 5 yuan twentieth oz 9995 platinum proof panda ngc proof scarce date
2000 Mongolia Platinum Dragon quarter Oz 3000 Coin With Certificate Limited Edition
2000 mongolia platinum dragon quarter oz 3000 coin with certificate limited edition
1994 China 10 Yuan Platinum Panda RARE 2368
1994 china 10 yuan platinum panda rare 2368
deep frozen panda 1 oz silver ruthenium platinum plated coin 2018
1996 unicorn Twentieth oz platinum coin PT5Y NGC PF69 ultra cameo
1996 unicorn twentieth oz platinum coin pt5y ngc pf69 ultra cameo
2018 30g Silver Chinese DEEP FROZEN PANDA Ruthenium Coin WITH Platinum
2018 30g silver chinese deep frozen panda ruthenium coin with platinum
1987 China Panda Platinum NY Coin Expo Proof 1 oz NGC PR68 Deep Cam
1987 china panda platinum ny coin expo proof 1 oz ngc pr68 deep cam
2002 China tenth oz platinum panda coin PT100Y BU Pf
2002 china tenth oz platinum panda coin pt100y bu pf
1990 Platinum Panda Proof Set half oz quarter oz  tenth oz W COA and Box
1990 platinum panda proof set half oz quarter oz tenth oz w coa and box
1990 china panda 3 platinum coins set with NGC PF69 PF69 PF68
1990 china panda 3 platinum coins set with ngc pf69 pf69 pf68
1992 Lunar Series Monkey PT100Y 1oz platinum coin NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo
1992 lunar series monkey pt100y 1oz platinum coin ngc pf69 ultra cameo
1994 tenth oz China platinum panda coin with COA
1994 tenth oz china platinum panda coin with coa
1996 China Twentieth oz platinum panda coin NGC PF68 Ultra Cameo
1996 china twentieth oz platinum panda coin ngc pf68 ultra cameo
1994 China platinum panda tenth oz coin PT10Y NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo
1994 china platinum panda tenth oz coin pt10y ngc pf69 ultra cameo
2003 panda Twentieth oz PT50Y China platinum coin NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo
2003 panda twentieth oz pt50y china platinum coin ngc pf70 ultra cameo
1990 China panda 1oz platinum coin PT100Y NGC PF68 Ultra Cameo
1990 china panda 1oz platinum coin pt100y ngc pf68 ultra cameo
1990 China tenth oz platinum panda coin NGC PF68
1990 china tenth oz platinum panda coin ngc pf68
2003 China tenth oz GUANYIN Platinum coin PT100Y NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo
2003 china tenth oz guanyin platinum coin pt100y ngc pf69 ultra cameo
1990 China Horse Lunar Series 1oz Pt 100 Yuan NGC PF 69 Ult Cameo
1990 china horse lunar series 1oz pt 100 yuan ngc pf 69 ult cameo
1987 S China 1 Oz Platinum Panda coin W NGC PF68
1987 s china 1 oz platinum panda coin w ngc pf68
1987 S China 1 Oz Platinum Panda coin W PCGS PR69
1987 s china 1 oz platinum panda coin w pcgs pr69
1990 china panda platinum quarter oz  gold quarter oz 2500 yuan W PCGS PR69  MS68
1990 china panda platinum quarter oz gold quarter oz 2500 yuan w pcgs pr69 ms68
one box COA capsule for the 1990 china panda platinum 1oz NO COIN
one box coa capsule for the 1990 china panda platinum 1oz no coin
China 1987 Sino American Friendship New York City 1 Oz Platinum Panda W PCGSPR68
china 1987 sino american friendship new york city 1 oz platinum panda w pcgspr68
1990 china panda 3 platinum coins set all with NGC PF69
1990 china panda 3 platinum coins set all with ngc pf69
China 1990 Panda 1oz Platinum Coin With NGC PF68
china 1990 panda 1oz platinum coin with ngc pf68
1990 china panda 3 platinum coins set all with PCGS PR69
1990 china panda 3 platinum coins set all with pcgs pr69
2004 China tenth oz platinum Kuanyin coin with COA original box
2004 china tenth oz platinum kuanyin coin with coa original box

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China Platinum

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Hedging the Dollar with gold by

The world's premier monetary and chaos hedging asset is gold. In times of economic and financial turmoil, to geopolitical tension, war time and to virtually any global uncertainty it gives a direct response. Gold is heading much higher in the future because there is too much spending in the US and globally, to much money is being printed by the banks and the Federal Reserve, other factors are rising global inflation and a very weak US Dollar, International tension such as in the Middle East and the explosive growth of China's and India's economy too has a direct effect.

If you watch the markets then you will see that gold, silver, oil, commodities and other tangible assets tend to rise together, they're contra-cyclical to paper financial assets for 2/3 of a cycle. When stocks are doing well, then gold prices don't move and when stocks are flat to negative on their rate of return in other asset classes, gold performs very well. People tend to step back from other financial assets and say, until the risk reward relationship is fair and even, I'd rather protect than speculate. That's why, for 2/3 of the business cycle it is contra-cyclical.

Gold rose roughly 158% in the last six years, silver went up about 246% and while the Dollar fell 32%, up went gold stock by 300%. Compair the the Dollar today to the Dollar in 1870 and it is only worth 1cent and compaired to the Dollar in 1919 it is only worth 2cent and the largest drop in the Dollar, since it has been unhinged from gold, has been since the 1970's. There has been a long term decline of the Dollar since the birth of the Federal Reserve in 1913, ending over 100 years of Dollar price stability. The US is now running a total annual budget and trade deficits exceeding $1.5trillion Dollars and the Federal Reserve is creating annually 1-2 trillion Dollar liquidity out of thin air which has a phenomenal effect on things like the DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE, the DOWN JONES TRANSPORTATION AVERAGE and the DOW JONES UTILITY AVERAGE which have all been moving well since 2001 -2002 but if you divide their price performance by the price of gold, which is in my opinion real money, you have declining trends in all three averages of the DOW JONES.

So here we have it, US debt has grown 5.5 times, roughly, since 1980 from $8 trillion to $44 trillion which is the biggest debt explosion in world history.

How do we deal with this massive debt? One way to pay it off is to raise taxes. WE have seen that before and we will see it in the years to come. They can print money as in Weimar Republic Germany after World War II. They could sell off by privatizing National assets such as telecommunications, transport, water systems or real estate. Just as Russia rejected $110 billion, so could they reject the debt. Finally, they could simply resort to plunder by launching wars to acquire wealth such as the Roman Empire did, the Spanish Empire did, the Nazis did and the Japanese.

Large Dollar holders are now beginning to exit the Dollar since the latest decline. The Dollar became the world's reserve currency in 1944, everything had to be related to Dollars, most international transactions were denominated by the US Dollar for the next 62 years giving America huge financial power economically and politically. The United Arab Emirates announced that it would cut its Dollar holding in half in October 2006 and Japanese life insurers with $1.6 trillion in managed assets announced they were to diversify out of their Dollar holdings. Central banks all across Asia (South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong) have all started to diversify out of Dollars. China with $1trillion in foreign currency reserves has begun to diversify out of its $700billion and to cut back on its purchases of U.S. Treasuries. Russia too has cut its Dollar holdings from 70% to 40%; Italy cut its dollar reserves by 21%, Sweden from 37% to 20%. China is pushing the world to rely less upon the Dollar for world trade.

If foreign banks holding roughly $2.94trillion of U.S. Dollars were to diversify even 10% of their assets, you'd see $294 billion dumped into the market. 20% diversification would make $588 billion thrown out there which has a very negative effect on the Dollars value and of course interest rates would rise.

Foreign commercial institutions like insurance companies, banks, hedge and pension funds hold between $7-8 trillion in U.S. Dollars. Again any diversification away from the Dollar will have the same effect of rising interest rates and inflation through the roof. The Euro is now taking the place of the Dollar, many of the world's oil transactions have begun to be made in Euros. In mid 2006, the IMF director for the Middle East and Central Asia urged Persian Gulf countries to peg their currencies to the Euro instead of the Dollar. Worldwide the Euro is in greater circulation than the Dollar and so it is large enough to enable it to become the reserve currency of the world. Foreign Dollar holders are now switching to Euros, British pounds, Swiss Francs and other strong currencies, into gold and other commodities such as oil and minerals.

So as the Dollar collapses, gold has risen. They tend to move in the opposite direction if they aren't attached. Over the last 36years, the US Dollar has declined 80%, while gold has risen 1900%. Today it takes five times more of the Dollar to buy the same amount of goods or services than in 1971.

In the end we can see that against a depreciating Dollar, gold is the perfect hedge.

As uncertainty mounts with the Dollar and its standing position, you would do well to move your investments into gold, silver or even platinum. My web site has information about what is on offer. Go to and my blog at
Thank you for reading this article.

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