Incl Colonial

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What should I do in Singapore this month?

I got an offer to visit my cousin in Singapore (he lives there for business) this month, so I haven't really had time to prepare. What's there to do in Singapore? I will definitely be dining and shopping, so could you give me some good tips as to where I might get good deals or interesting finds? I really will enjoy anything.

I love museums, history and seeing temples. Are there any really good colonial museums?


Best Answer...


Lots really. If you're pricey you can try Ion, Takashimaya, anything along Orchard Road. For good deals go to Bugis Street.
Visit Sentosa, try all the attractions there.
Definiely go to Clarke Quay. Good nightlife dining too.

1) Mint Museum of Toys
Toys such as Tintin, popeye, mickey mouse can be found here.
Price: $15/person
The place is between city hall and bugis MRT station. You can alight at city hall and walk. The museum is located behind the Raffles Hotel and it's among the shophouses.
26 Seah Street.
2) Asian Civilisation Museum
3) Peranakan Museum
4) Philatelic Museum (Stamp museum)
5) Images of Singapore (Singapore history incl colonial times)

~Catch the national day celebration or the Youth Olympic Games!~

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Incl Colonial

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Speed Limits - Bris (Colonial One Remix)

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