Neat Polar

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Frequently Asked Questions...

People who believe in creationism..?

What are your thoughts on the new species of bear that has been found in the arctic? It is a hybrid between Polar bears and Grizzlies. It is an example of adaptation and (over the long-term) evolution.

Is there some documentation that says they are sterile? I haven't seen it... can you post me a link?

Best Answer...


Aren't ursine hybrids self-sterile?'d still be neat. Polars are more like black bears than browns....I like black bears.

By the way.....tonight, on the threat-down....

...I believe *creationism* exists. I just disagree with it. :p

Edit: I was just assuming, as a biologist, that they were....rendering them not effectively a new species. I suppose we'd need enough of them to try, do polar bears have 37 chromosome pairs, too? That's usually the limiting factor in hybridization....I know so little about bears....

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Neat Polar

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Neat Facts About Polar Bears

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