Quarter March

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Quarter March

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In The First Quarter Sales Of Home Appliances To The Countryside Refrigerator Usher "good Start" by jojo

Continue to promote the policy under the first quarter of 2010,

Bringing home appliances


Product sales and then meet "a good start."

Refrigerator market began to heat up to a new level of consumer

From the overall market performance, according to the Ministry of Commerce Website recently released the first quarter of home appliances to the countryside the situation shows that the first quarter of 2010, a cumulative total of the country


Bringing home appliances products 16.033 million units, achieved sales of 31.67 billion yuan, up by 4.9 times, respectively, and 6.9 times. Among them, fridge sales reached 90 billion, is the second


The largest category after sales.

Situation from the provinces, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan and other product sales to rural areas is still a province, in addition, Ningxia, Gansu, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and other western provinces, the eastern provinces of refrigerator sales also received a new breakthrough.

Yinchuan Municipal Bureau of Commerce announced, according to the "home appliances to the countryside," Statistics show the first quarter of this year, Yinchuan City, bringing home appliances sales volume reached 14,745 units, the amount of 28,888,400 yuan, respectively, compared with last year's fourth quarter growth of 75.14 percent and 85.78 %. Among them, fridge highest sales, followed by TV, the two account for nearly 60% of total sales.

According to figures released by Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, 1-3 months of this year, sales of home appliances to the countryside in Jiangxi Products 594 000 sets (pieces), the amount of 1.27 billion sale of a refrigerator is one of the province selling products, 24.11% of total sales, with color TV,

Washing machine

Hold appliances to rural areas with market share of 80%; while the average price from the sales of view, refrigerator as 2,188 yuan, showing a move towards consumption of refrigerators in rural areas of Jiangxi new consumption level.

Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, according to the relevant responsible person said, a quarter popular refrigerator sales driven mainly by the Chinese New Year effect and promote the rural areas as marriage.



First become healthy and mature market competition

In the market environment, whether it is policy driven promoter or business, all for bringing home appliances refrigerator market development and competition become healthy and mature.

In March this year, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Information Ministry organized a national home appliances to the countryside products successful business contracting and information systems training session, the relevant departments to strengthen sales network appliances to the countryside, service monitoring will be in the future The focus of the work.

According to the Ministry of Industry and


Information Division Director Liang Feng audio-visual introduction to the countryside around the home appliance sales outlets and service regulation, the relevant departments will soon launch a series of work. Including parts of the market started research to develop research-based work home appliances to the countryside service planning, overall planning and construction of home appliances to the countryside after-sales service, overall planning service information management platform and service network

In addition, home appliances to the countryside for quality and service related work, March 12, AQSIQ, the China Household Electrical Appliances Association joint meeting of departments such as home appliances to the countryside unit also co-sponsored the 2010 "home appliances to the countryside quality "activities, for the majority of consumers on-site consultation and service, while 300 companies to the public of the six commitment to quality home appliances to the countryside.

This series of work, will be bringing home appliances refrigerator market, with the development of a healthy market environment, rest assured the farmers satisfied with the products consumers buy.

From the company's market performance, the refrigerator is also being adopted by enterprises to improve product and service quality home appliances to the countryside to promote the further development of the market.

Meiling refrigerator relevant person in charge told reporters that the common refrigerator products for sale countryside issues, Meiling has launched the "Decade of warranty" activities. It is reported that the refrigerator's life cycle is generally 10 years or so, the general state "three guarantees" a specified time in 1-3 years, Meiling committed years warranty, which is equivalent lifetime warranty on the refrigerator, a fundamental solution to the farmers consumer worries.

I am China Crafts Suppliers writer, reports some information about permanent mold castings , prototype aluminum casting.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/In-The-First-Quarter-Sales-Of-Home-Appliances-To-The-Countryside-Refrigerator-Usher--good-Start-/891194

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