Quarter October

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Are schools allowed to deny lunch.?

So starting about 2nd quarter, ( October 2010 ), when my grade lines up for lunch, we usually get the doors open to get fed around 5 minutes ( To get everyone in line ), but starting that quarter, we were supposed to be dead silent, as in no talking while waiting, and If we don't, we are threatened that we will be denied lunch for that day, and the next day, we are forced to wait 10 minutes ( Lunch is 30 ) before getting lunch. We don't even talk that loud for having a whole grade in there, which gets me confused. So, my question is, are schools allowed to deny lunch for a whole grade (about 100)?

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I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing no! If it's a public school this couldn't be allowed...if it's a private school, maybe. Tell your parents, they need to know

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Quarter October

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