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Israel 1962 Shall Blossom Silver Proof Coin Commemorative Coins Collectible
israel 1962 shall blossom silver proof coin commemorative coins collectible
Israel 1993 Havdalah Spicebox Silver Proof Coin Commemorative Coins Collectible
israel 1993 havdalah spicebox silver proof coin commemorative coins collectible
AMNON LIPKIN SHAHAK Medal 2014 Silver Medals Collectible Gift Commemorative
amnon lipkin shahak medal 2014 silver medals collectible gift commemorative
6 south east refining panama city fl 1 ounce 999 silver bars
south east refining panama city fl 1 ounce 999 silver bar
2015 P ATB 5oz Silver Bombay Hook NP PCGS SP70 FS Mercanti First Strike
2015 p atb 5oz silver bombay hook np pcgs sp70 fs mercanti first strike
2012 1 oz Silver Australian Lunar Dragon Coin  Colorized White Blue
2012 1 oz silver australian lunar dragon coin colorized white blue
KABBALAH Medal 2009 Silver Medals Collectible Gift Commemorative
kabbalah medal 2009 silver medals collectible gift commemorative
Maran Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Medal 2014 Silver Medals Collectible Gift Commemorative
maran rabbi ovadia yosef medal 2014 silver medals collectible gift commemorative
Niue 2011 2 Sagittarius Zodiac Series Art by Kagaya Proof Silver Coin
niue 2011 2 sagittarius zodiac series art by kagaya proof silver coin
2016 Britannia Silver Reverse Proof 1oz NGC PF69 ER Early Release
2016 britannia silver reverse proof 1oz ngc pf69 er early release
2011 1 oz Silver Lunar Year of the Rabbit Coin  Spots Imperfections
2011 1 oz silver lunar year of the rabbit coin spots imperfections
1926 Sesquicentennial Half Dollar 50C PCGS MS65 Rare in MS65 1600 Value
1926 sesquicentennial half dollar 50c pcgs ms65 rare in ms65 1600 value
2010 half oz Australian Silver Lunar Tiger Coin
2010 half oz australian silver lunar tiger coin
2012 5 oz Silver Lunar Dragon Proof
2012 5 oz silver lunar dragon proof
1900 Lafayette Silver Dollar 1 ICG MS60 Details Rare Certified BU Coin
1900 lafayette silver dollar 1 icg ms60 details rare certified bu coin
2012 1 oz Silver Somalia Dragon Coin  Lot of 2 Sealed
2012 1 oz silver somalia dragon coin lot of 2 sealed
Israel 1994 For a Better Environment Silver Proof Coin Commemorative
israel 1994 for a better environment silver proof coin commemorative
1893 Isabella Commemorative Quarter 25C PCGS Uncirculated Details MS UNC
1893 isabella commemorative quarter 25c pcgs uncirculated details ms unc
2009 1 oz Silver Australian Lunar Ox  Mint Roll 20 coins
2009 1 oz silver australian lunar ox mint roll 20 coins
1992 United States Mint Ben Franklin Firefighters Proof Silver Medal W Box
1992 united states mint ben franklin firefighters proof silver medal w box
special gift lords prayer 1 troy oz 999 fine silver round+pres box+extras
1936 US Arkansas Centennial Robinson Silver Commem Half Dollar 50C PCGS MS66
1936 us arkansas centennial robinson silver commem half dollar 50c pcgs ms66
1935 D US Texas Independence Silver Commemorative Half Dollar 50C NGC MS65
1935 d us texas independence silver commemorative half dollar 50c ngc ms65
1936 US Cleveland Centennial Great Lakes Expo Silver Commem 50C PCGS MS65
1936 us cleveland centennial great lakes expo silver commem 50c pcgs ms65
1925 S California Half Dollar Diamond Jubilee 50C NGC MS67 Rainbow 2700 Value
1925 s california half dollar diamond jubilee 50c ngc ms67 rainbow 2700 value
1954 S Washington Carver Commemorative Half NGC MS66 Blast White Gem
1954 s washington carver commemorative half ngc ms66 blast white gem
2004 half oz Silver Australian Lunar Year of the Monkey Coin  Series 1
2004 half oz silver australian lunar year of the monkey coin series 1

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Silver Commemorative

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Another Gorgeous Silver Commemorative Coin - 2007 Jamestown 400th Anniversary


Your Must-Know Guide To American Coin Collecting

There are many types of coins to collect but you have decided to chose to specialize in American coins. But do you know that within American coins, there are several areas within American coin collecting which you need to choose from? Yes, although this may seem like a strange thing, since having chosen a specialization on American coin, you may wonder what specialization are there. Well, be surprised! There are well over two hundred years of history to American coins for collecting, and several denominations, so there really are a lot of choices to make! But generally there are two areas which you can consider :

1. Period of American Coins To Collect

There are several periods of American coins, and the different periods meant there are a variety of differences of the coins. This may include different denominations, different materials used, which may affect your decision, so ultimately it is important to do your research and where your interest lies. One example is that the American penny wasn’t always made of copper, and the quarters used to be made of solid silver. To pick these periods of these very special coins can make a huge difference in their value.

Sometimes collecting coins that belong to a certain period in time may meant more as a symbol of that period. Many people are like this, rather than collecting American coins for themselves, they look to them to memorialize an event or a particular period. One good example is in World War II, certain metals were more scarce than usual, and had to be substituted in the coins produced during this period. Thus this makes the coins during that period a symbol of the war effort, from the scrap metal drives to the rationing.

It comes down to your personal preferences which period is best for you to choose. Think of your interests. Look to any particular historic event that might really catch your interest, whether it is the turn of the century, the World Wars, or even the modern ages. Do you already have a period in mind?

2. Special Denomination of American Coins To Collect

The denominations of the coins are just as special as the various. Do you know that each denomination has gone through a series of changes. This ranged from the design to the very metal that the coin is made from.

To illustrate, let’s take a look at the quarter. A quick glance at the quarter shows an interesting history. History has shown that quarters made before 1964 were solid silver, this gives them a special value as they are also of higher value due to the precious metal. Then in the 1970′s when man first walked on the moon, the United States made special coins with a commemorative obverse to commemorate the event. Similarly, in 1976, the bicentennial was commemorated in the same way. The changes have continued to the present day with the celebrated state quarters. These coins were designed to mark each state in the order it joined the union.

Here in this article has just been a quick overview, and there are many more areas to be explored in American coin collecting. However, it is quite impossible to be collecting coins from all areas, unless of course you are a millionaire. What you should do is to identify your interests before deciding on which area you wish to specialize in.

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