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Lot of 3 1995 Caesars Palace Las Vegas Nevada 10 Gaming Tokens 999 Silver
lot of 3 1995 caesars palace las vegas nevada 10 gaming tokens 999 silver
Morgan and Peace Dollar Lot
morgan and peace dollar lot
Lot of 3 2014 2015  2016 US Mint Annual UNC Dollar Coin Sets w Silver Eagle
lot of 3 2014 2015 2016 us mint annual unc dollar coin sets w silver eagle
Lot of 57 Mixed Dates Eisenhower Silver Dollars
lot of 57 mixed dates eisenhower silver dollars
rare lot 3 silver coins
2015 Royal Britannia 1oz 999 Fine Silver Ram Stamp on Edge Ram yr 2015 Lot of 3
2015 royal britannia 1oz 999 fine silver ram stamp on edge ram yr 2015 lot of 3
Lot Of Six Half Dollars 1934 1935 S 1936 1940 S 1941 1946 S
lot of six half dollars 1934 1935 s 1936 1940 s 1941 1946 s
1966 1969 Half Dollar 40 Silver Lot Of 13  five 1974 1977 proof dollars
1966 1969 half dollar 40 silver lot of 13 five 1974 1977 proof dollars
7 Set Lot of SILVER Proof Sets Consecutive 1992 thru 1998 Nice
7 set lot of silver proof sets consecutive 1992 thru 1998 nice
Lot of Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware Strasbourg 5435 Grams For Use or Scrap
lot of gorham sterling silver flatware strasbourg 5435 grams for use or scrap
Lot of 2013 5 Star Generals Uncirculated US Mint Commemorative Coins 50C
lot of 2013 5 star generals uncirculated us mint commemorative coins 50c
Lot of 4 Silver Roman Denarius Ancient Rare Coin Collection
lot of 4 silver roman denarius ancient rare coin collection
UK British Silver Proof Coin Lot 47 coins in Original boxes with OGP
uk british silver proof coin lot 47 coins in original boxes with ogp
SILVER AMERICAN EAGLE PROOF LOT OF 20 1995 2008  2010 2015 1 OZ 999 SILVER
silver american eagle proof lot of 20 1995 2008 2010 2015 1 oz 999 silver
1964 Kennedy 90 silver half dollar lot of 50 Disregard best offer option
1964 kennedy 90 silver half dollar lot of 50 disregard best offer option
1999 2017 silver proof sets all19 sets
1923 P D S Peace Silver Dollar Coins Lot Of 3 XF AU
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1915 Imperial Russia ALL UNC 10 Kopecks Mixed Silver Coins Coin Lot
1915 imperial russia all unc 10 kopecks mixed silver coins coin lot
7oz Lot of Circulated Scrap Silver US Coins
7oz lot of circulated scrap silver us coins
1903 1908 1909 Imperial Russia 20 Kopecks Mixed Silver Coins Coin Lot
1903 1908 1909 imperial russia 20 kopecks mixed silver coins coin lot
Imperial Russia Mixed Silver Coins Coin Lot 5 10 15 Kopecks
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Atlantis Mint 10 gram 999 Fine Silver Poured Bars Lot of 3
atlantis mint 10 gram 999 fine silver poured bars lot of 3
Atlantis Mint 10 gram 999 Fine Silver Poured Bars Lot of 3
atlantis mint 10 gram 999 fine silver poured bars lot of 3
2017 canada 150 silver 3 coin set spirt heart of our nation proudly canadian
SILVER 1 ONE Troy Pound LB US Mixed Silver Coins Lot No Junk Pre 1965
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Lot of 3 Mixed Hotel  Casino Nevada 10 Gaming Tokens 999 Silver
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Barber Half Dollar lot 7 different fr vg vg+ nice lot check out 8 pictures
barber half dollar lot 7 different fr vg vg+ nice lot check out 8 pictures
Barber Half Dollar lot 5 All Different vg+ nice lot check out 8 pictures
barber half dollar lot 5 all different vg+ nice lot check out 8 pictures

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Silver Lot

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Purchase of Scrap Gold and Silver Lot - Part 2

Custom Gift Cards – The Presto Gift

Giving a gift is a human

tradition which has existed ever since the dawn of civilization. Emperors and

Kings in the bygone eras used to gift land as well as wealth in the form of

prevalent currencies such as silver and gold pieces, or in kind, such as in the

form of commodities, clothes, houses and livestock fit for human consumption.

Gifts are usually bestowed upon close family members, relatives and friends.

With the discovery and advent of money, the onus shifted towards giving sums of

money as a gift. The tradition carried on and specific events and festivals

became the occasions for giving gifts. Apart from what one earns, a gift is

especially cherished and enjoyed both by the giver as well as the recipient. It

increases the bonding between the two and memories of a gift linger throughout

one’s life. Discovery of paper and the resultant paper money in various

denominations and currencies remained the rage during the past century, where

paltry sums to huge amounts were distributed and received as gifts. With paper

money, a person could buy anything that suited his or her fancy from the

market, glowing with the inner satisfaction and indebtedness to the person who

has given the gift.

Selection and decision

for a gift is one of the most engrossing and speculative task for a person

intending to gift someone. A gift has to be appropriate for an occasion, a

person’s age, sex or affinity towards particular and myriad variety of objects

available commercially nowadays.

With the advent of the

electronic era and the discovery of plastic money in the form of credit cards,

giving credit cards to one’s immediate dependants became the rage in the

countries which had this technology. Such plastic currency has infiltrated most

of the world now and credit and debit cards are the usual mode of financial

transaction, both at brick and mortar commercial establishments, as well as for

shopping online. It was not before some enterprising individuals discovered and

conceived the concept of custom gift cards, which could be designed and loaded

with an appropriate sum of money depending upon the amount one desired to gift

to someone near and dear. The practice of giving paper based gift cards or

certificates had already been established by many banks and commercial

organizations, in which such gift cards, certificates, or traveler’s checks

could be redeemed for specific amounts at various shopping establishments.

Elaborate designs and customizations could be ordered by anyone intending to

gift some amount of money to anyone. Instead of the insipid check, such cards

held aesthetic value and were well appreciated in society. Employing technology

to develop custom gift cards in the form of plastic money resembling credit

cards followed soon after. The first instance was that of the ‘Blockbuster

Entertainment’ Company, based in Fort

Lauderdale, Florida, USA, who pioneered this business in

1994. Their enterprising effort was an attempt to curb counterfeiting of paper

based cards, which could easily be photocopied and misused on multiple occasions,

resulting in financial loss to the issuing organization. Plastic gift cards

could be made in various hues and designs depending upon the clientele, and

could be loaded once or on multiple occasions depending upon the primary

business activity of a company and the requirements of the target consumer

population. Moreover, magnetic strips and barcodes prevent their misuse.

Custom Gift Cards have

now become the mainstay of many organizations, particularly the Coffee giants,

“Starbucks” and “Dunkin’ Donuts”, the two companies offering a great variety of

gift cards for their loyal customers’. Both companies provide opportunities for

creating individualized cards according to one’ whims and fancies and their

cards can be redeemed anywhere on their chain of outlets. This not only serves

as an incentive to the customer, but also increases sales as customers usually

spend more than what is actually on the cards, resulting in increases business

for such companies which market items of daily usage. Banking institutions and

financial giants like the American Express, VISA and MasterCard also offer gift

cards with a great versatility of design and loading facilities which can be

individualized offering exclusive designs for promoting company business as

well as for individual customers. With the growing internet based shops like

eBay, Amazon, Sears and others, market for such gift cards has exploded into

big business. A customer can build and gift a customized gift card within a

matter of minutes using the internet. In fact websites have mushroomed over the

internet which offers the freedom and choice of building customized gift cards

for individual customers as well as business organizations on a worldwide


Government banking laws

and financial rules have been structured in such a way that such gift cards

come with the least encumbrances’, offering choice of freedom for the customer

to enjoy endless degree of freedom in terms of validity of such cards and

flexibility in the permissible amounts that can be loaded. Issuing institutions

have also been regulated and directed with national and regional laws not to

charge any unreasonable fee on such cards.

The business of custom

gift cards actually picks up during periods of festivities’ and regional

celebrations’ such as Christmas during which there is maximum sale of such

cards. In addition to taking away the difficulty for the donor’s decision on

what could be an ideal gift for a particular recipient, such cards also provide

freedom to the beneficiary to spend it like he or she pleases. Some gift cards

may be ‘open loop’ i.e. which can be used in multiple establishments just like

a credit card, or ‘closed loop’ i.e. which can be redeemed only in specific

establishments such as ‘Starbucks’, ‘Dominoes’ or ‘eBay’. The former are

offered by credit card companies and banks while the latter can be obtained

from the relevant retail chains or their websites.


spread of information technology and availability of gadgets like ‘Smartphones’

and ‘Touchpads’ with wifi internet connectivity has opened the market for such

gift cards which can now be delivered digitally within a matter of seconds

using mobile technology. Customizable gift cards have therefore become an

essential part of our daily lives

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