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SS Republic1849 10 US Gold FOUNDERS EDITION 45 50 Graded by NGC AU55
ss republic1849 10 us gold founders edition 45 50 graded by ngc au55
1904 O Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS63 Toned Old Raised Gold Logo Generation 3
1904 o morgan silver dollar ngc ms63 toned old raised gold logo generation 3
Egypt Farouk gold 100 Piastres AH 1357 1938 MS64 NGC
egypt farouk gold 100 piastres ah 1357 1938 ms64 ngc
Egypt Farouk gold 50 Piastres AH 1357 1938 MS65 NGC Syperb
egypt farouk gold 50 piastres ah 1357 1938 ms65 ngc syperb
Egypt Farouk gold 20 Piastres AH 1357 1938 MS64 NGC
egypt farouk gold 20 piastres ah 1357 1938 ms64 ngc
1873 Open 3 variety Liberty Head 2000 Gold piece certified AU 53 by NGC
1873 open 3 variety liberty head 2000 gold piece certified au 53 by ngc
1811 P JF Colombia Gold 8 Escudos NGC MS61
1811 p jf colombia gold 8 escudos ngc ms61
South Africa Gold Natura Cheetah Proof 50 Rand 2002 PF69 Ultra Cameo NGC
south africa gold natura cheetah proof 50 rand 2002 pf69 ultra cameo ngc
South Africa Republic gold Natura Proof 20 Rand 2007 PR70 Ultra Cameo NGC
south africa republic gold natura proof 20 rand 2007 pr70 ultra cameo ngc
1868 G25C BG 799T NGC MS65 PL
1868 g25c bg 799t ngc ms65 pl
Germany Empire Wilhelm II Silver 1915 A 1 Mark NGC MS65 Gold Toning KM 14
germany empire wilhelm ii silver 1915 a 1 mark ngc ms65 gold toning km 14
Egypt Mustafa III gold Zeri Mahbub AH 1171 1757 MS63 NGC
egypt mustafa iii gold zeri mahbub ah 1171 1757 ms63 ngc
PANAMA Silver 1904 2 half Centesimos NGC MS62 Nice Gold Toning Mintage 4000 KM1
panama silver 1904 2 half centesimos ngc ms62 nice gold toning mintage 4000 km1
1872 1 G25C BG 869 NGC MS65 Round Indian
1872 1 g25c bg 869 ngc ms65 round indian
greece 1876 20 drachma gold ngc cert au58 rare in this condition
1987 Bermuda palladium 25 Sea Venture PF 69 NGC
1987 bermuda palladium 25 sea venture pf 69 ngc
high relief ms70 ngc 9999 fine 2015 w Gold 100
high relief ms70 ngc 9999 fine 2015 w gold 100
1911 5 Gold Indian Half Eagle NGC AU58
1911 5 gold indian half eagle ngc au58
1983 China 100 Yuan 1 Troy Oz 999 Gold Chinese Panda Coin NGC MS68 GEM BU+
1983 china 100 yuan 1 troy oz 999 gold chinese panda coin ngc ms68 gem bu+
1855 4 Octagonal Liberty 1 BG 511 NGC AU58 California Fractional Gold
1855 4 octagonal liberty 1 bg 511 ngc au58 california fractional gold
1907 10 Gold Indian NGC AU 55 Gold Eagle
1907 10 gold indian ngc au 55 gold eagle
NGC 2015 W Gold 100 High Relief MS69
ngc 2015 w gold 100 high relief ms69
1873 Open 3 1 Gold Indian Princess Large Head NGC MS62 Type 3
1873 open 3 1 gold indian princess large head ngc ms62 type 3
No Date 25C BG 222 California Fractional Gold NGC MS64
no date 25c bg 222 california fractional gold ngc ms64
1986 quarter oz Gold Eagle G10 NGC MS 69 Gold Label Key Date Rare Collectible Coin
1986 quarter oz gold eagle g10 ngc ms 69 gold label key date rare collectible coin
1855 Liberty 25C California Gold Quarter BG 227 R6 NGC AU Details Rarity 6
1855 liberty 25c california gold quarter bg 227 r6 ngc au details rarity 6
1881 Liberty Gold Half Eagle 5 Coin 88 88 NGC Uncirculated Details MS UNC
1881 liberty gold half eagle 5 coin 88 88 ngc uncirculated details ms unc
2014 W Gold Kennedy 50th Anniversary High Relief First Releases NGC PF70 Ut Cam
2014 w gold kennedy 50th anniversary high relief first releases ngc pf70 ut cam

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Gold Ngc


Chinese WoW Gold Farmers - WoW Gold Exploitation

Some WoW gamers out there are sometimes tempted to buy gold from one of a ton of online WoW gold merchants. If you have the money this may seem like a good idea at first, since this is will save you time, but what you are actually doing is helping to sustain an industry that is nothing less than a sweatshop for pixels.

Some WoW gamers out there are sometimes tempted to buy gold from one of a ton of online WoW gold merchants. If you have the money this may seem like a good idea at first because it will save you time, but what you are actually doing is helping to sustain an industry that is nothing less than a sweatshop for pixels.

A research paper was done by U of C San Diego student Ge Jin, it was titled Chinese Gold Farmers in the Game World. The research paper found that there is exploitation in virtual markets just like there are in tangible markets. Ge went to the Si Chuan Province, Fu Jian Province, and the Dong Bei area to do his hands on research. He found a lot of gold farms. The farms were found all over the places he visited. Ge found small ones and large ones.

The gold farming industry is large and growing, he found its genesis in about 2001. Due to this worldwide demand the farms have grown exponentially. Because we are connected via the web, state boundaries are no longer an obstacle, it is this new paradigm that has fed the gold farming industry.

The average gold farm provided meals and dorms, the workers live there, work 12 hour shifts and have quick breaks. Typical farms have about two farmers for every one PC, this allows them to farm for 24 hours straight. The farmers are usually paid from between 40 U.S.D. to 200 U.S.D. monthly. Ge also found farmers that are willing to work for free as long as food and shelter are provided. That was quite a disturbing find.

China is the world's primary source of cheap labor, knowing this it was not surprising how poorly the farmers are treated. Though I am hopeful that in the long run this will change and farmers are paid a wage equal to their labor, it is unlikely until China opens up its market.

I hope this article enlightens you a little and give you pause next time you consider buying some pixels to enhance your gaming experience. As always, it is just best to take the high road and get yourself a guide or walkthrough that will help you get what you want honestly. There are a ton of resources online as well that will greatly enhance your WoW gaming experience, including well reputed gold guides, go that route instead. Happy gaming!

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