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We offer Gold Token shoppers a unique range of products from on all over the world. Unlike your traditional retailer, Silver Rounds is an online auction website with most listings offering a unparalleled characteristic called "Buy It Now" option.

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1854 Arms of California Gold Token ICG EF45 Doubling Errors
1854 arms of california gold token icg ef45 doubling errors
1932 half California Gold Token Xth Olympiad ICG MS64
1932 half california gold token xth olympiad icg ms64
1841 1891 Liberty Head GOLD Coin Love Token Initials V L G VLG Engraving K
1841 1891 liberty head gold coin love token initials v l g vlg engraving k
1884 Arms of California Gold Token ICG MS63 Rotated Die Error
1884 arms of california gold token icg ms63 rotated die error
France Game Token Napoleon III 20 Franc 1868 CH AU Not Gold
france game token napoleon iii 20 franc 1868 ch au not gold
France Game Token Napoleon III 50 Franc 1859 Ch AU Not Gold
france game token napoleon iii 50 franc 1859 ch au not gold
Unlisted 1923 Ontario Gold Token New Discovery
unlisted 1923 ontario gold token new discovery
Statue of Liberty Token w Gold Plated Standing Liberty American Mint P332
statue of liberty token w gold plated standing liberty american mint p332
8K Gold Love Token Initials GM Unusual Cut Out Pin
8k gold love token initials gm unusual cut out pin
1987 Walt Disneys Snow White 50th Anniversary Fine Gold Token 6690
1987 walt disneys snow white 50th anniversary fine gold token 6690
No Date Indian Princess Large Head Gold 1 Love Token w Bezel
no date indian princess large head gold 1 love token w bezel
1866 Quarter Eagle 25 Gold Liberty Love Token w Bezel Setting
1866 quarter eagle 25 gold liberty love token w bezel setting
Canada RD Security Test Token Set SKU176576
canada rd security test token set sku176576
1927 dated T Elder Issue Delorey 48 Gold Lincoln Token NGC Unc Details
1927 dated t elder issue delorey 48 gold lincoln token ngc unc details
Vintage Nude Girl Gold TA Flip Coin Token 1
vintage nude girl gold ta flip coin token 1
1853 California Gold Token Arms of California NGC MS64 Octagonal
1853 california gold token arms of california ngc ms64 octagonal
Vintage 3 Very Rare 1849 Gold Coins Token Keepsake Jewelry Brooch Pin BC Mint
vintage 3 very rare 1849 gold coins token keepsake jewelry brooch pin bc mint
1853 Eureka Arms of California California Gold Token MS64
1853 eureka arms of california california gold token ms64
1792 Canada British Columbia half Gold Token Capt Vancouver ICG AU58 Det
1792 canada british columbia half gold token capt vancouver icg au58 det
California Gold Jewelers Token Dated 1865 Octagonal Nice
california gold jewelers token dated 1865 octagonal nice
1904 Louisianna Purchase Gold quarter 10 Stars H 61 310 Gold Token NGC MS64
1904 louisianna purchase gold quarter 10 stars h 61 310 gold token ngc ms64
1904 MO H 61 330 G50c Louisiana Purchase Expo Gold Token NGC MS63PL
1904 mo h 61 330 g50c louisiana purchase expo gold token ngc ms63pl
1883 5 Gold Liberty Head Coin Love Token BEAUTIFUL Lettering One of a Kind
1883 5 gold liberty head coin love token beautiful lettering one of a kind
1936 San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Gilt California Gold half Token N
1936 san francisco oakland bay bridge gilt california gold half token n
1915 California Gold Token Minerva quarter  Harts Coins of the West NGC MS 64
1915 california gold token minerva quarter harts coins of the west ngc ms 64
1860 Clark Grubber  Co Pikes Peak Gold 20 Medal Gold Line Token 1956 H563
1860 clark grubber co pikes peak gold 20 medal gold line token 1956 h563
1853 california gold token ms66 tme
2000 polar bear proof 2 dollar coin canada sterling silver gold plated center

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Gold Token

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The Alan Parsons Project: Golden Tokens (Part I)

Engagement rings have become very popular all across the world. These rings are exchanged between a man and a woman signifying that they are engaged to be married. Nowadays, the rings come in wide variety of styles and designs whereas in earlier times, there used to be limited choices because of lack of technology to mine and cut diamonds effectively. With the coming of technology and better crafting cutting tools, we have got wonderful array of such rings to choose from. However it is important we give enough attention to the personality of the person before buying the ring for her or him.

Diamond rings have two main parts: One part is the solitaire diamond in the middle or many small diamonds and the other part is the precious metal in which the diamond is embedded (setting). If you have an average budget then look for H color SI quality diamonds as these are very nice diamonds and provide the best value per dollar spent on them, if your budget allows you can go for G color VS quality diamonds or even higher quality diamonds but be prepared to pay a premium price for those.

Getting the right frame is as important as choosing the right diamond. Mostly diamond Engagement Rings are made with precious metals such as sterling silver or 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum. Gold being the most popular metal which has been traditionally used to make frames for the rings. 14k gold is composed of 58.3% gold and 18k gold is made up of 75% gold and other alloys are the most popular options for casting diamond rings. Platinum is the best metal if durability is your consideration.

Although heavy and expensive, but you get good value for your money as it is very dense and does not wear out over time as easy as other softer metals. It does not stain or get scratched if you do rough work with it either. The ring made in platinum would be as fresh as if you had bought it yesterday on the occasion of your golden anniversary.

The most popular form of a diamond engagement ring is a solitaire diamond ring with accents on the sides. A glittering large diamond is set in the center of such a ring. It is typical of this type of ring to focus the attention on the central diamond held by claws allowing maximum light to fall on the stone so that its fire can shine forth. There is also another type of ring called three stone ring. It has got three stones embedded on the top of the ring to signify past, present and future. Another type has a single embedded in the center of the ring, completing a simple yet all time classic design.

It is considered pragmatic to have an idea about your budget before buying the engagement ring. Your budget would decide what type and design of the ring you would eventually buy. Engagement is a special occasion so you buy the ring after due consideration. The generally accepted budget for a diamond engagement ring is a 3 months' salary but in reality you should spend as much as you are comfortable with on the diamond engagement ring.

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