Gorgeous Gold

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We offer Gorgeous Gold shoppers a unique range of products from on all over the world. Unlike your traditional retailer, Silver Rounds is an online auction website with most listings offering a unparalleled characteristic called "Buy It Now" option.

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2000 Australia Nugget 15 Dollar Gold Coin Absolutely Gorgeous Flawless
2000 australia nugget 15 dollar gold coin absolutely gorgeous flawless
1901 Liberty 2 half Gold Quarter Eagle NGC MS65 GEM Gorgeous Luster
1901 liberty 2 half gold quarter eagle ngc ms65 gem gorgeous luster
ANACS XF Caracalla Concordia in gorgeous Gold Iridescent toneRoman denarius
anacs xf caracalla concordia in gorgeous gold iridescent toneroman denarius
1882 o morgan anacs ms63 dmpl gorgeous mirrors with sharp gold contrastwow
1928 S Mercury Dime PCGS MS65 Gorgeous Violet Gold Hues Superb
1928 s mercury dime pcgs ms65 gorgeous violet gold hues superb
1912 P 25 Gold Indian Head Gorgeous Coin Good Date MS63
1912 p 25 gold indian head gorgeous coin good date ms63
1947 Mexico Gold Coin 50 Pesos 375 Gr Pure Gorgeous Rich Superb Gem BU++
1947 mexico gold coin 50 pesos 375 gr pure gorgeous rich superb gem bu++
1873 20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle PCGS MS62+ Secure Gorgeous Coin
1873 20 liberty gold double eagle pcgs ms62+ secure gorgeous coin
1914 5 Gold Ungraded but Gorgeous
1914 5 gold ungraded but gorgeous
14 Kt Gold Wear Jewelry Gorgeous Earrings and Vintage Retro Tennis Brooch 105 G
14 kt gold wear jewelry gorgeous earrings and vintage retro tennis brooch 105 g
1857 G1 PCGS MS64 Type 3 Gold Dollar Gorgeous Toning
1857 g1 pcgs ms64 type 3 gold dollar gorgeous toning
1943 Washington Quarter PCGS MS67 CAC PCGS Gold Shield Gorgeous Obv Toning
1943 washington quarter pcgs ms67 cac pcgs gold shield gorgeous obv toning
1899 20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle PCGS MS63 Gorgeous 35860189
1899 20 liberty gold double eagle pcgs ms63 gorgeous 35860189
Gorgeous 1965 South Africa 1R Coin Bezel Pendant W 18KT Yellow Gold Necklace
gorgeous 1965 south africa 1r coin bezel pendant w 18kt yellow gold necklace
1924 P Gorgeous Uncirculated 20 St Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coin
1924 p gorgeous uncirculated 20 st gaudens double eagle gold coin
1925 ICG MS66 Peace Silver Dollar Gorgeous 2 Sided GOLD COLOR TONE MS
1925 icg ms66 peace silver dollar gorgeous 2 sided gold color tone ms
1853 O 20 PCGS XF40 Rare Gold New Orleans Double Eagle Gorgeous Look
1853 o 20 pcgs xf40 rare gold new orleans double eagle gorgeous look
1938 D D Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS65 Gorgeous Gold Toning Scratch Free Holder CHN
1938 d d buffalo nickel pcgs ms65 gorgeous gold toning scratch free holder chn
1910 Gold 250 Indian Head Quarter Eagle in AU+ Condition Gorgeous Gold Coin
1910 gold 250 indian head quarter eagle in au+ condition gorgeous gold coin
2007 gorgeous mirrored surfaces gold accents silver eagle
1896 Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle 25 PCGS MS66 36203383 Gorgeous Gem
1896 liberty head gold quarter eagle 25 pcgs ms66 36203383 gorgeous gem
Peru 1967 50 Soles Gold PCGS MS 65 GEM Brilliant Uncirculated Gorgeous Coin
peru 1967 50 soles gold pcgs ms 65 gem brilliant uncirculated gorgeous coin
1922 Grant With Star Gold 1 Commemorative Coin GORGEOUS
1922 grant with star gold 1 commemorative coin gorgeous
PCGS MS 63 1883 1 Gorgeous Indian Princess Large Head United States Gold Coin
pcgs ms 63 1883 1 gorgeous indian princess large head united states gold coin
NGC MS 62 1878 25 Gorgeous Liberty Head Quarter Eagle United States Gold Coin
ngc ms 62 1878 25 gorgeous liberty head quarter eagle united states gold coin
Gorgeous 1928 20 Twenty Dollar Gold Certificate Bill 1922 10 50 100 FR2402
gorgeous 1928 20 twenty dollar gold certificate bill 1922 10 50 100 fr2402
1987 American SILVER Eagle Dollar Gorgeous Rose Blue  Gold Toning
1987 american silver eagle dollar gorgeous rose blue gold toning
1913 S 5 Indian Head Gold AU58 Gorgeous Good Date Coin
1913 s 5 indian head gold au58 gorgeous good date coin

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Gorgeous Gold

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FOTD: Mac gorgeous gold

White gold makes a perfect combination with diamonds, and that is why wonderful diamond necklaces set in white gold are becoming so popular all over the world. Many designers like Ross-Simons and Tiffany & Co. also specialize in making white gold necklaces for their customers because of the status and prettiness of this metal. Some people prefer 18k white gold, while others are satisfied with 14k, which also makes the necklaces quite affordable.

Diamond pendants and necklaces by Ross-Simons are truly amazing. Ranging from dangling diamond circle pendants to extraordinary diamond tennis necklaces, there is something for every type of woman whether she likes to stay at home most of the time or goes out on a regular basis. In addition to these, diamond solitaire pendants and link necklaces are also beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Diamond tennis necklaces look stunning on all occasions. Starting from small diamonds and concluding in large diamonds, this 17" dazzling necklace is sure to astound you. Square-link necklaces in the same category are also worth checking out. They are available in 14k and 18k yellow and white gold and range in price from $300 to $3000 depending on carat weight of diamonds and the size of necklace.

Solitaire necklaces, just like solitaire rings, never go out of fashion. They are truly magnificent pieces of jewelry and make excellent gifts for women who love diamond necklaces. Since these necklaces are composed of only one diamond, they are not as expensive as tennis or link necklaces. Ranging in price from $100 to $500 and even more, these lovely necklaces are available in the number of beautiful designs.  

Diamond circle and link necklaces by Ross-Simons are also equally gorgeous and worth seeing.

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