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Frequently Asked Questions...

If you know the US dollar will continue to drop, why not invest in foreign currency?

For the people who moved in 2006 to Canada they basically made 20% if they would move back to the US.

Wouldn't investing in another currency make you 3-5% by Januarary, that seems like a huge return for such a short time investment.
I wonder if GWB has his money in US dollars or saved away in some foreign currency.
mark s in my experience, people follow trends and seeing the dollar drop and reserve drop interest rates and pump out more money will continue dropping the value.

Now the dangerous thing is if everyone invests in foreign currency they hyperinflation will happen.
William its 7 years now that its dropping and most economist predict it still will till after Jan.

This is not mere flactuation, If I was you I would play it safe and invest in a stable currency long ago.

Best Answer...


Been there done that,
and going back even further.
Timed to near perfection.

Now's the time for forgein investors
to buy US, that's IF they beleive
the US can ever pull out of it's tail spin.

It might also depend on wether you beleive,
or even care if America might still emerge
from the current fiascio and mis-adventures
as the mythical "number one, " in the wurld, or not.

In any event,
I recomend you allways cover yourself,
with some real estate assets, because no matter
what weird and similarly lunatic US political regiem follows this one, in a years time, the land is eternal, in terms of
our life span, anyway.

LuvUall, Ba-bye

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Huge Return

See More About:    Huge Return        

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