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painting warhammer figures.....?

ok... I am not into games or figures or anything that I am about to question.... but my boyfriend is. I however am into painting..... and he asked me to help him paint his war hammer figures. They are very small so what we can do will be limited... like all 1 color with another color highlighting things. Not anything like professional ones that can be found online.

So... what type of paint would be best for this? Citadel paint is recommended...but that is made by the same company so of course it is recommended.... is there a citadel equivalent that we can buy? I have acrylic paint that I use on paper... but I don't think that will work. As for a base coat should it be a special primer or just a dark paint of the citadel equivalent?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Although I said any help would be appreciated... I was talking about help as to what TYPE of paint...not colors.... thanks tho

Best Answer...


Paint the Force Commander with lotsa gold and paint Gorgutz da Warlord with some light blue

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Lotsa Gold

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