Metal Gold

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Huge Gold Nugget Found Metal Detecting

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Isle of Man 2009 Noble 15 th Anniv Bi Metallic Gold  Silver NGC PF69 SKU6758
isle of man 2009 noble 15 th anniv bi metallic gold silver ngc pf69 sku6758
1850 10 Baldwin Restrike K 1d Brass Metal NGC MS64 Rare Only One Graded
1850 10 baldwin restrike k 1d brass metal ngc ms64 rare only one graded
Lot of 16 lbs Metal Ram Memory for Scrap Gold Recovery 16 Pounds
lot of 16 lbs metal ram memory for scrap gold recovery 16 pounds
10 gram Palladium Bar bullion precious metal PAMP Suisse In Assay
10 gram palladium bar bullion precious metal pamp suisse in assay
Lot 20 Lbs Xeon P4 CPU Gold Pin Metal on top for Scrap Gold Recovery 20 pound
lot 20 lbs xeon p4 cpu gold pin metal on top for scrap gold recovery 20 pound
1225lbs Scrap Computer RAM For Gold  Precious Metal Recovery
1225lbs scrap computer ram for gold precious metal recovery
2003 AUSTRALIA Gold Coin Coronation Jubilee Bi Metallic NGC Proof 69 UC
2003 australia gold coin coronation jubilee bi metallic ngc proof 69 uc
39lb Computer Hard Drives For Scrap Gold  Other Precious Metal Recovery
39lb computer hard drives for scrap gold other precious metal recovery
10LB+ Computer PCB Scrap add in cards Lot Tantalum Gold Fingers Metal
10lb+ computer pcb scrap add in cards lot tantalum gold fingers metal
Republic Metals 1 oz 9999 Fine Gold Bar In Assay
republic metals 1 oz 9999 fine gold bar in assay
Possible Error coins unplated cent off metal planchet Gold plated quarters
possible error coins unplated cent off metal planchet gold plated quarters
60 Uncirculated Mint Sealed Presidential Gold Dollar Coins in Metal Case
60 uncirculated mint sealed presidential gold dollar coins in metal case
Intel and Celeron Gold CPU Processors Scrap Recovery Precious Metals
intel and celeron gold cpu processors scrap recovery precious metals
Republic Metals Corporation 1 Gram Gold Bar Bullion ingot 9999 bar
republic metals corporation 1 gram gold bar bullion ingot 9999 bar
1990 China First Bi Metal GoldSilver Panda Proof Set 2000 Sets Minted  0737
1990 china first bi metal goldsilver panda proof set 2000 sets minted 0737
Gibraltar 2001 Tri Metal Coin 142g Gold 52g Platinum 21st Century + Box Q3
gibraltar 2001 tri metal coin 142g gold 52g platinum 21st century + box q3
Box of 25 1 oz Republic Metals RMC Gold Bar 9999 Fine In Assay
box of 25 1 oz republic metals rmc gold bar 9999 fine in assay
Minerva 1973 bi metallic Gold on Silver 35 Dollars Proof UNC KM X1 10500 minted
minerva 1973 bi metallic gold on silver 35 dollars proof unc km x1 10500 minted
3lbs Scrap Computer RAM For Gold  Precious Metal Recovery
3lbs scrap computer ram for gold precious metal recovery
37lbs Scrap Computer RAM For Gold  Precious Metal Recovery
37lbs scrap computer ram for gold precious metal recovery
28lbs Scrap Computer RAM For Gold  Precious Metal Recovery
28lbs scrap computer ram for gold precious metal recovery
Over Two Pounds Of Silver Mylar From Keyboards  Touchpads Precious Metal Recov
over two pounds of silver mylar from keyboards touchpads precious metal recov
New Zealand 1994 half oz Gold Bi Metal 50 Cents Endeavour Proof Cased
new zealand 1994 half oz gold bi metal 50 cents endeavour proof cased
Australia 2001 20 Millennium Gold  Silver Bi Metal in Wooden Case w CoA
australia 2001 20 millennium gold silver bi metal in wooden case w coa

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Metal Gold

Facts About A Gold Bar

We all are very familiar with the name Gold. To further elaborate, it's one of the purest and natural form of metal used as a precious belonging. Its form can be changed once it is moulted. Gold is traded widely amongst all countries of the world as a prime source of money. Those who posses this valuable metal are bound to have great power and glory, and are thus treated with respected.

Moulding a metal in shape of bars is a common practice. Sometimes, it is for convenience in storage and sometimes for ease in shipment. In case of gold, it is mainly to store the metal, as gold being a precious metal, is usually not shipped in that huge quantities that is difficult to move as such. Therefore, as the name implies, a gold bar is a bar shaped piece of the metal, gold.

Gold bars come in different sizes and specifications, each one having its own unique standards. The process in which gold bars are equipped and contrived is the distinctive feature, which creates its unique characterisation. The gold bars are usually contrived by two distinctive procedures, one is known as the casting method and the other is known as the minted method.

Casting the gold involves, at the very first, the purification of the gold and then its liquefaction. It is then poured into a mould, which is a hollow tank with a desired shaped cavity inside it. After pouring the liquid metal, the setup is left for a particular time, and is allowed to cool. The final step is to eject or break the metal, which in this case is gold, out as per the requirement.

The second method, which is known as the minting process is used commonly for making coins. This process is also used to make gold, a piece of gold is used as a tool in this process to cut the gold into its desired dimension. With the help of a mechanical press, the symbols and signs are then embedded on the bar. The specific type of gold bars used are called '400 ounce London goods delivery', and we have often seen these types of bars in the movies. These are very famous gold bars and central banks all around the globe have them. The standard weight for this specific gold bar is 12.44 kilograms

There is a certain mystery related to gold bars. The mystery finds its origin in China. It is not merely a story, but it indicates and highlights the importance of gold, its bars in human lives, and in their dealings related to money even in the past. It is said that seven gold bars were issued to a General named Wang, of Shenghai back in 1933.

Since then the gold bars became commonly used and were also used as bank certificates in return to money deposits. These gold bars are engraved with special markings and words and its script is still not predictable. Hence, it made the use of these bars very mysterious. Meanwhile this undisclosed mystery made it clear that gold bars were used as money exchange certificates back in those days.

Gold bars used nowadays are known as Gold tola bars. The gold bars are weighed in tolas and are in possession by the Governments in their central banks across the globe, they reflect the wealth and power of each country's currency. People nowadays are also investing their savings in gold by buying gold bars. They posses these valuable bars and trade them when they see its value rising. This trade has become a money spinning business.

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