Quartz Crystal

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Alaskan Gold Nugget 20K to 22K Quartz and Crystal 46 Ounces 131 grams
alaskan gold nugget 20k to 22k quartz and crystal 46 ounces 131 grams
Luxury Geneva Crystal RoseGold Women Stainless Steel Quartz Watch
luxury geneva crystal rosegold women stainless steel quartz watch
RARE Specimen NEW MEXICO Natural Gold Crystal Crystalline QUARTZ AU Nugget
rare specimen new mexico natural gold crystal crystalline quartz au nugget
NEW American Coin Treasures Petite Dream Catcher Natural Crystal Quartz 13899
new american coin treasures petite dream catcher natural crystal quartz 13899

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Quartz Crystal


Frequently Asked Questions...

What gemstone or crystal is best for hearing loss and/or hearing disorders?

I looked at several "healing gemstones and crystals" books about the subject, and each book recommends something different. One book recommends onyx being placed on the each ear for 15 minutes, where a few other books don't even mention onyx but recommend quartz crystal, amethyst, or another gemstone. Where should the gemstone be placed, worn, or should an elixir be made?

Best Answer...


Stones or crystals do not have any magic powers. (unless radioactive)

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