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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I mash-up different bits of music into one single track?

I'm auditioning for an upcoming show soon and I've already planned out a dance the thing is I need a track that goes with the dance since it's more of a popping/hitting style of dance I need bits of a few other songs is there a software or service that allows me to do this?

TooLong;Didnt Read: I need to mash up bits of songs to dance to how do I do it?

Best Answer...


I would recommend that you download Audacity. It's free, and it allows you to copy/paste the sound waves from different audio selections.

Basically, after you download and install Audacity, you open several copies of Audacity (just like you might need to open several copies of Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Word) and in each running copy, you load a song. You'll see it as a highly compact wave. You play (or move the cursor) until you reach the point you want to copy, and just like in Microsoft Word, you mark and copy the selection you want to copy. You'll have to listen carefully, because you won't see the music, you only see the wave patterns.

Specific instructions are in the actual program's Help files.

Good luck with your presentation :-)

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Run Copy

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