Scrap Estate

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Estate Solid 14K Gold 1982 Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Coin 14KT Not Scrap NR
estate solid 14k gold 1982 abraham lincoln commemorative coin 14kt not scrap nr
Estate Solid 14K Gold JFK JOHN F KENNEDY 1993 Commemorative Coin 14KT Not Scrap
estate solid 14k gold jfk john f kennedy 1993 commemorative coin 14kt not scrap
14K 10K 18K GL  HGE Vintage Estate rings necklaces earrings Wear Scrap
14k 10k 18k gl hge vintage estate rings necklaces earrings wear scrap
10K Gold Scrap Jewelry Lot Estate
10k gold scrap jewelry lot estate
Estate Collection Coins Gold Silver Tiffany and Scrap
estate collection coins gold silver tiffany and scrap
192 Estate 10k Yellow Gold Diamond and Sky Blue Gemstone Heart Pendant No Scrap
192 estate 10k yellow gold diamond and sky blue gemstone heart pendant no scrap
220 Victorian Antique Estate 14k Yellow Gold Wedding Band Ring Size 6 Not Scrap
220 victorian antique estate 14k yellow gold wedding band ring size 6 not scrap
102 Designer Estate 10K Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire 7 Bracelet Not Scrap
102 designer estate 10k yellow gold diamond and sapphire 7 bracelet not scrap
092 Estate 10K Yellow Gold  Diamond Heart  Gold Nugget Bracelet Not Scrap
092 estate 10k yellow gold diamond heart gold nugget bracelet not scrap
063 Estate Vintage Designer 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut 75 Bracelet Not Scrap
063 estate vintage designer 10k yellow gold diamond cut 75 bracelet not scrap
050 Estate Vintage 14k Solid Yellow Gold 3mm bangle Bracelet 97 gram not scrap
050 estate vintage 14k solid yellow gold 3mm bangle bracelet 97 gram not scrap
125 Estate Antique 20k Gold Knights Templar Masonic Watch Fob Pendant Not Scrap
125 estate antique 20k gold knights templar masonic watch fob pendant not scrap
141 Estate Vintage 14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Cocktail Ring Size 4 Not Scrap
141 estate vintage 14k yellow gold and diamond cocktail ring size 4 not scrap
118 Estate 10K Yellow Gold 75 Diamond  Gemstone Tennis Bracelet Not Scrap
118 estate 10k yellow gold 75 diamond gemstone tennis bracelet not scrap
034 Estate Vintage Friedmans Mens 10k Gold Wedding Ring Band Sz 135 No Scrap
034 estate vintage friedmans mens 10k gold wedding ring band sz 135 no scrap
139 Estate Vintage 14k Yellow Gold 15 mm x 185 Rope Chain 35 Gram No Scrap
139 estate vintage 14k yellow gold 15 mm x 185 rope chain 35 gram no scrap
123 Estate Antique 14k Gold Knights Templar Masonic Watch Fob Pendant Not Scrap
123 estate antique 14k gold knights templar masonic watch fob pendant not scrap
084 Estate Vintage 10K Yellow Gold Odd Fellows Ring Size 65 Not Scrap 74 gram
084 estate vintage 10k yellow gold odd fellows ring size 65 not scrap 74 gram
107 Estate 10K Yellow Gold PMS Wedding Band Ring Size 85 Not Scrap 36 Gram
107 estate 10k yellow gold pms wedding band ring size 85 not scrap 36 gram
093 Estate 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Filigree Butterfly Pendant Not Scrap
093 estate 14k yellow gold diamond cut filigree butterfly pendant not scrap
089 Estate Vintage 14k Yellow Gold  Diamond Heart Pendant 17 Gram Not Scrap
089 estate vintage 14k yellow gold diamond heart pendant 17 gram not scrap
098 Estate 14k Yellow Gold Emerald Eternity Band Size 8 Not Scrap 19 Grams
098 estate 14k yellow gold emerald eternity band size 8 not scrap 19 grams
096 Estate CC Chanel 10k Yellow Gold 15mm Size 135 Wedding Band Ring No Scrap
096 estate cc chanel 10k yellow gold 15mm size 135 wedding band ring no scrap
051 Estate JCR 10k Yellow Gold Three Green Stone Cocktail Ring Sz 9 No Scrap
051 estate jcr 10k yellow gold three green stone cocktail ring sz 9 no scrap

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Scrap Estate

Scrap Gold

The term scrap gold is little understood, after all how any piece of gold be considered scrap or rubbish. Gold has a value regardless of whether it is intact or not.

The term scrap gold is usually used for old jewellery, which is broken or for gold that is destined to be recycled. In other words, any gold that is destined to be melted down and sold in ingot form.

Where to Sell Your Scrap Gold

There are several places that you can sell your scrap gold. If you feel more comfortable, you can simply go to your High Street jeweller or pawnbroker. Not all of them will buy gold, however, the majority will. If they do not themselves, buy gold they will very quickly direct you to somebody in the area that does.

However, the most convenient way to sell your scrap gold is to do so by post. Most Gold dealers have a website. All you need to do is to go online and carry out simple Google search to find them. Once you have found a broker that you like simply tell them how much gold you have to sell. Most have a simple online calculator that allows you to type in the weight of your scrap gold and find out how much they will pay you for it.

Shop around and try a few sites. By using their online calculators, you can find the broker that offers you the most money for your gold.

The best Place to Sell Scrap Gold

However, before you send your gold off is important to check the credentials of the company that you are dealing with. You will not be paid for your gold until it arrives with the dealer. This means that you need to be sure that the dealer you are sending it to is legitimate.

Look for scrap gold dealers that are well established. Search on-line for customer reviews. The best dealers also have physical shops that you can visit if you do not feel comfortable sending them your scrap gold via the post.

About the Author
Bullion By Post who are based in the Birmingham jewellery quarter off a full scrap gold service. They are a legitimate; well established firm that pays great rates for gold.

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