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What is The Mezuzah - Tradition and Faith

A mezuzah , in accordance with Jewish tradition, from the Biblical book of Deuteronomy, is a case containing a parchment scroll fastened upon the door post of the dwelling. Once the house owners are married, subsequently some mezuzot (the right plural form instead of mezuzahs) can contain both the scroll and the sacred broken wedding glass pieces.

The mezuzah is believed to be an ever present reminder of God's eternal presence and additionally God's laws known as mitzvah. Placement of a mezuzah upon the door-post is crucial, the higher third of the right side of the door post (generally shoulder height), inside 3 inches of the doorway opening. If a Jew is living outside of Israel, it is to be fastened inside of thirty days of arrival into the home or apartment, whether purchased or leased, if living in Israel, it is to be hitched immediately. Various interpretations of the law request it be on every door-post of the residence, not merely the entryway. Curiously enough, even Jews who are not conscientiously observant still choose to honor their homes with the practice of a mezuzah.

The parchment itself and the technique in which it is authoured are important too. According to custom, it is to be handwritten on parchment in order to be kosher or valid, a non-kosher mezuzah might possibly be either photocopied or perhaps on plain paper (or both), and not on parchment. The parchment or even the wording on it must not be damaged as this is thought to invalidate the mezuzah, because the mezuzah is deemed as Torah (interpreted as teaching, directions, doctrine).

Court cases have ensued in light of property management and also apartment developers creating rules limiting items outside of houses, eg door-mats, shoes or boots, wreaths, carts or any kind of clutter, as they were called. Mezuzot was indeed documented in this list, and it was rebuked because of a drawn out onslaught of legal prowess, and the mezuzah nevertheless remains a beacon upon the door post.

Mezuzah enclosures tend to be created from a wide variety of material, such as silver, wood, valuable metals, stone, ceramic, polymer clay, leather, and additionally more recently, tranparent Lucite. As discussed above. it can also house the breaking of the wedding glass, to enclose multiple customs all-in-one.

Lucite is such a lovely modern option, as it protects the scroll so imperviously, as alternately scroll is to be by law, embodied in waxed paper or plastic wrap. It's also lovely to observe the mezuzah each day upon passing by, instead of simply the ornamental case.

For more information on obtaining mezuzahs or Lucite Jewish wedding glass modern art work visit

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