Sell My Silver Coins

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Should You Sell Silver?

Should You Sell Silver?

Silver is one of the most interesting commodities in today's financial world. As a popular kind of investment, it's often grouped with other heavy metals like gold and copper. Investors typically think of gold as the primary heavy metal, where silver ranks second, and other metals like copper, palladium and rhodium follow.

When it comes to investing in silver, both the purchase and the sale of this commodity should be considered carefully. There are a number of factors that will influence how your silver is valued and when you should sell.

Tax Considerations: Sell Silver According to Filing

When you think about selling silver, whether it's raw bullion or crafted items, you should consider how the proceeds will fit into your annual tax filing situation. Tax burdens on yield are some of the most common issues for those who are looking to offload silver holdings. Take a look at your cost basis and all of your additional transactions during the year to see if a silver sale can be done at a low tax rate and with less tax liability.

Evaluating Physical Silver and Other Opportunities

Another reason to sell bullion or crafted silver involves a more sophisticated strategy of investment. Along with keeping silver bars and other silver items in physical deposit spaces, investors can also rely on many different kinds of speculative silver funds. Exchange traded funds or ETFs, or mutual funds including silver holdings, can be examples of opportunities for investing in silver without holding the physical metal - if you're looking to move from a physical holding scenario to a fund based investment, it may make sense to sell some of your physical silver.

Raw and Numismatics Silver Values

For raw silver such as silver bars or bullion, it makes sense to track the actual per ounce price in order to know when to sell silver. Crafted items are little bit different. For jewelry that is made out of silver, silver coins, or anything else that is not a raw amount of silver, those who would like to sell should think carefully about the numismatic value, or in other words, the value of the crafted item over and above the physical amount of silver that is in it - in many cases, purchase and sale of coins, collectibles and other silver items are complicated by numismatic value. For example, if you pay a certain premium amount for crafted silver, selling it back at raw silver value will result in quite a bit of loss. That said, sellers should look at how much it originally cost them to acquire silver coins and collectibles.

Think about these issues, and you'll have a firmer basis from which to consider the sale of silver and silver items.

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Sell My Silver Coins

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Jim Rogers 'Don't Sell your Gold and Silver Coins'

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is now a good time to sell my silver coins?

I have some common date Morgan silver dollars and a few gold coins. Should I sell them now for top dollar?

Best Answer...


There's something you need to know about investing. if everyone (including a bunch of random people on yahoo) knows that the price isn't going up, everyone would sell... and that would make them all worth less. No one ever truly knows whether the market is going on anything. the exception is stock brokers and similar professionals, but they watch the value of these things very carefully, do tons of research, and even then can only make little predictions, and make like... 5%. A bigger question is, do you want to be safe from the american dollar becoming valueless? if you're worried about that, keep the metals. i think it's a possibility, im keeping mine. If you just want some money, now is as good a time as any.

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