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The Advantages Of Acquiring Silver Coins As An Investment Over Gold, Platinum Or Palladium

Over the years, the United States has minted many types of silver coins. The current silver dollar coin is the American Silver Eagle with . 999 silver bullion. But, when people speak of silver dollars in coin collection they are typically referring to the coins made in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Morgan Silver Dollar. If we want to find out what is so special about this coin, we first need to step back in history.

The Morgan Silver Dollar was authorized by the Bland-Allison Act, February 28, 1878. Minting of the coin began in 1878 and ran till 1904. It was again minted from 1921 until 1935. Up until 1965, silver coins minted by the US were all silver. This is one reason why the Morgan Silver Dollar is in such demand among collectors.

The Morgan Silver Dollar takes its name from George T. Morgan, its designer. This particular coin has Lady Liberty on the front side (obverse) and an American Eagle on the back side (reverse). Even people who are not coin collectors or investors in silver find this silver dollar very appealing to look at. The coin commemorates the expansion westward that the U. S. Was undergoing at that point in history.

At the time the Morgan Silver Dollar was minted, the silver rush was going on in the West. As such, the United States Mint cast more coins than were actually necessary for legal tender. Huge numbers of uncirculated coins were locked away until 1960. A good number of the coins were melted down and used for other coins. It is not difficult to find an uncirculated Morgan coin today.

A proof coin is minted especially for collectors and are never meant to be circulated. Proof coins are the most rare and extremely valuable Morgan coin. Graded Mint State 65 (MS-65) and the Gem uncirculated coins are the second most sought after of this particular coin. Although the face value of the Morgan Silver Dollar is one dollar, the silver it contains is worth far more. Every Morgan dollar has . 77344 troy ounces (ozt) of silver. This is equivalent to . 858575171318 avoirdupois ounces (oz), the commonly used measurement in the States. The PCGS and NGC have more credibility in the world of coin collecting and grading then do smaller organizations. As such, coins graded by PCGS and/or NGC have a higher value as compared with coins graded by smaller companies.

One of the reasons that silver is a more prudent and safe investment as compared to other precious metals such as gold, palladium or platinum is that coin collectors do not tend to sell their collections. This makes the market demand hold steady and is one reason why the silver market has been a safe investment for four decades. Additionally, some people like to invest in silver coins to broaden their investment portfolio.

Silver is used in many more industrial applications than gold, platinum or palladium. The demand is so great for silver that the supply can not keep up. In fact, the silver mining industry is running short of available above-ground silver to mine. This demand keeps the price of silver growing.

Coins in general are simple to store at home in a flood and fire safe vault or at the bank in a secure safe deposit box. The coins are also easy to transport. No large truck necessary. Simply put the coins in a box in your car and away you go.

Another definite advantage to investing in the Morgan silver coins is that most people can afford to start investing fairly easily. With the exception of the proof coins, this is not the coin of the elite collector. Additionally, if the financial world took another downturn, the coins are legal U. S. Currency and can be used as such immediately. No worry about finding a seller to liquidize assets makes this coin even more attractive as an investment. Collecting silver coins as an investment is a wise and prudent financial move that will hold its value for years to come.

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Silver Coins

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What year where the last silver coins minted I was under the impresion it was in the 1930s?

I am referring to totally silver coins.

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Prior to 1920, British silver coins were made from 92.5 % silver. Due to the steep rise in the price of silver, British silver coins were then made from 50% silver until 1947 when all silver was required to repay war loans to the USA.
From 1947 onwards, all British general circulation "silver" coins were made from a copper/nickel alloy giving a silvery appearance.

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