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lot of 5 united states silver peace dollars mixed au unc
1920 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 50C Certified PCGS AU Detail Near MS UNC
1920 s walking liberty half dollar 50c certified pcgs au detail near ms unc
1946 P Walking Liberty Half Dollar UNC US Mint Gem PQ Silver Coin BU MS++++++
1946 p walking liberty half dollar unc us mint gem pq silver coin bu ms++++++
1888 Three Dollar Indian Gold Coin 3 NGC Uncirculated Detail UNC BU Rare
1888 three dollar indian gold coin 3 ngc uncirculated detail unc bu rare
eagle silver dollar 2016 unc
1883 cc morgan silver dollar pcgs ms63 unc gsa hoard w coa
1896 O Morgan Silver Dollar 1 ICG AU55 Strong Luster Near MS UNC
1896 o morgan silver dollar 1 icg au55 strong luster near ms unc
1861 Seated Liberty Half Dollar 50C PCGS Uncirculated Detail UNC MS Rare
1861 seated liberty half dollar 50c pcgs uncirculated detail unc ms rare
1886 PMorgan Dollar Uncirculated US Mint Gem PQ Silver Coin BU Unc MS++++++
1886 pmorgan dollar uncirculated us mint gem pq silver coin bu unc ms++++++
1933 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 50C Coin NGC Uncirculated Details UNC MS
1933 s walking liberty half dollar 50c coin ngc uncirculated details unc ms
1897 1 Morgan Silver Dollar Rainbow Toned Philadelphia Mint UNC JDLM8172
1897 1 morgan silver dollar rainbow toned philadelphia mint unc jdlm8172
1853 Liberty California Gold Dollar G1 BG 530 PCGS Uncirculated Dets UNC MS
1853 liberty california gold dollar g1 bg 530 pcgs uncirculated dets unc ms
2 x Consecutive 2017 Canada New Ten 10 Dollar UNC Banknote Prefix CDA
2 x consecutive 2017 canada new ten 10 dollar unc banknote prefix cda
1921 Peace Silver Dollar 1 Certified ICG MS62 Rare Key Date BU UNC Coin
1921 peace silver dollar 1 certified icg ms62 rare key date bu unc coin
1903 P Morgan Dollar Rare Date US Mint Gem PQ Silver Coin BU Unc MS++++++
1903 p morgan dollar rare date us mint gem pq silver coin bu unc ms++++++
1935 Peace Dollar Almost UNC
1935 peace dollar almost unc
1897 1 Morgan Silver Dollar Philadelphia Mint UNC Uncirculated JDLM6171
1897 1 morgan silver dollar philadelphia mint unc uncirculated jdlm6171
1927 Peace Dollar Choice UNC
1927 peace dollar choice unc
1926 Peace Dollar Choice UNC
1926 peace dollar choice unc
1881 P Morgan Dollar Uncirculated US Mint Gem PQ Silver Coin BU Unc MS++++++
1881 p morgan dollar uncirculated us mint gem pq silver coin bu unc ms++++++
Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars x 100 Pcs Bundle Not Conservative 2008 AA Unc
zimbabwe 100 trillion dollars x 100 pcs bundle not conservative 2008 aa unc
1929 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 50C PCGS AU53 Rare Date Near MS UNC
1929 d walking liberty half dollar 50c pcgs au53 rare date near ms unc
New Zealand Banknote 5 Dollars 1989 UNC
new zealand banknote 5 dollars 1989 unc
Singapore Banknote 10 Dollars 1976 UNC
singapore banknote 10 dollars 1976 unc
USA Banknote 5 Dollars 1950B Chicago UNC
usa banknote 5 dollars 1950b chicago unc
Hongkong Banknote 1 Dollar 1959 UNC
hongkong banknote 1 dollar 1959 unc
1928 S Peace Dollar Choice UNC
1928 s peace dollar choice unc
1884 CC Morgan Dollar Rare Key Date US Mint Gem PQ Silver Coin BU Unc MS++++++
1884 cc morgan dollar rare key date us mint gem pq silver coin bu unc ms++++++

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Dollar Unc

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Ben Franklin Half Dollar Set, proof set and UNC roll

NCAA Tournament Tickets - Predicting the National Champion Part I

The NCAA basketball season is getting more and more interesting as the conference portion of the schedule begins to take its toll. For instance, before the season began and up until a few weeks ago, North Carolina looked as though they might run the table, go wire to wire without a loss as the nation's No. 1 team. However, after falling to both Boston College and Wake Forrest in recent games, Pitt has moved into the No. 1 spot, and Wake looks like a title contender, still undefeated at 14-0. And yet, the Tar Heels still remain at the top of most futures betting lines. So who should you put your money on? Is North Carolina worth your investment? Is Wake Forest overrated? If you get some NCAA Tournament tickets you'll find out the answers to all of your questions as they happen. But if you want a little head start on the competition, read on to see who should still be standing by the end of the Dance.

The Top Contenders

North Carolina

The Heels are off their high horse, having dropped two of three in the month of January, as of the 12th. Right now, they're No. 5 in the AP, and the Coaches think they're the 6th best team in the country. But then why do the oddsmakers at have UNC ranked No. 1 in their betting lines? As of January 12, 2009, the Heels are taking 15/8 odds to win the national championship, the best odds in the country. Even though they're having a bad 2009 so far, it's easy to see why nobody's dropping them from their national title contention summit. Unlike other contenders to the throne, this UNC squad has been to the Final Four before. Experience will matter in the Tourney more than it will in a couple of rough ACC games in the regular season. So do you place a bet on UNC? I'd advise not. Although they're certainly worth looking at when the Tournament begins, the odds here (you wouldn't make more than double what you put up) are not advantageous. With a sport that has a championship tournament as unpredictable and finicky as the NCAA Basketball Tournament, you're going to want something a little more lucrative, especially if you're putting money down this far in advance. Unless the Heels drop even more games and the line on their title run goes down, only bet on this team if you are a recent graduate of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. You'd be much safer dropping some money at for NCAA Tournament tickets to the Championship Game, because no matter who's in the game you'll have a great time.

Pittsburgh has Pitt at 5/1 odds to win the National Championship Game of the NCAA Tournament, as of January 12th, 2009. With a No. 1 ranking in all the major polls, an undefeated 15-0 record and outstanding wins versus Washington State, Belmont, Florida State and Georgetown (the latter was on the road versus the current No. 13 team, by a score of 70-54), Pitt is an attractive team right now. Pitt is getting a lot of media attention, but does that make them worth your betting dollar? Typically it's best not to bet with your gut, not to follow the media trends, but to go with the numbers. On both offense and defense the Panthers are outstanding, as they have adjusted offensive and defensive efficiency rankings in the top ten, according to However, the one thing that's scaring me off right now is Pitt's atrocious free throw percentage. Currently they rank 272nd in the country in free throw efficiency and 240th in free throw percentage. If you want to bet on these guys, you're going to have to also bet that they massacre every team in the NCAA Tournament, because they certainly can't win it from the stripe. My prediction: Pitt is this year's Memphis. National runner-up gets sympathy. Payout? Not so much.

About the Author
Brent Warnken wrote this article, which was sponsored by StubHub , one of the finest places in the entire world wide web to get NCAA Tournament tickets , concert tickets, theatre tickets, special events tickets, or almost any kind of sports ticket out there.

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