Drovers Country

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The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show 5-25-12 My Little Country Girl.MOV

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Drovers Country


Riverland Country by Gavin Wyatt

The fertile fields of the Riverland draw life from the long hours of sunshine falling on them and from the smooth flowing waters of the mighty Murray River- offering up a juicy bounty of grapes, citrus fruits, nuts and stone fruit. As a result this picturesque area has a substantial dried fruit industry and is the largest wine producing region in Australia- but thats not all its known for. Holiday makers have been coming here for years to enjoy a vacation in the sunshine, utilising the Murray River for all sorts of recreational activities. The climate is mild and sunny, the landscapes are beautiful, and the people are friendly. And at the heart of it all lies Barmera, a pleasant town with a country atmosphere that will wash away the stress of your everyday lives!

The Riverland extends for 300 kilometres from Renmark to Waikerie. Lying 170 kilometres away, Waikerie is the closest town to Adelaide and is reached by a easy 2 and a half hour drive in your hire car. Barmera is 220 kilometres from Adelaide- a pleasant drive through leafy fields and the lush South Australian countryside. Its not quite close enough for a daytrip, and in fact you would want at least a weekend to enjoy exploring the region, because theres a lot to see.

Barmera is perfectly located on the shores of Lake Bonney, and as a result has become South Australia's favourite aquatic playground. The fresh water lake comes alive with boats, canoes, kayaks and jetskis on the weekend. Anglers are attracted from far and wide by the lake's reputation as a fishing hotspot, and on any given day they spread out along its shoreline or head into the deeper waters in a tinny or canoe. Sailing is also a popular pastime, and the yacht club here has an enthusiastic body of members. Every weekend they organise yacht races that provide an impressive spectacle which is well received by onlookers from the land. The lake is a beautiful spot, so many just choose to relax and enjoy the scenery over a few drinks or a barbeque. There is an impressive amount of wildlife living around the lake and on the adjoining wetlands, so keep your eyes open for wallabies and the like and different species of birds.

Barmera town itself is a vibrant place, coming alive throughout the year for many festivals and shows- its residents dont hide the fact that they like a reason to celebrate! It has a rich history, dating back to about 1838, and this is evident in a lot of its attractions. Definitely worth a visit is the Overland Corner Hotel, located 18 kilometres north of Barmera on the Morgan Road. Commissioned in the 1850's as a refreshment point for weary travellers (mostly cattle drovers) and locals, today its now a pub with a museum in it housing many artefacts from the past. Theres a great atmosphere for you to soak up here! Another historical place to visit is the ruins of Nappers Old Accommodation. Although it is just a shell now, and certainly not a place to pick up a drink, this hotel was built in 1863 and used to be a vital storing place for crop supplies for the farmers in the region.

Of course you cannot pay a visit to this region without spending a bit of time appreciating the majestic Murray River. It is also a haven for watersports, and fishermen will relish the challenge of capturing one of the elusive Murray cod. The best and most popular way to appreciate the Murray however is on one of the large houseboats that are often seen floating past. Day cruises are available on these, as are simple sunset cruises- nothing quite beats watching the orange rays of the sinking sun reflecting off the smooth waters with a sundowner in hand. The houseboats can be hired for longer periods of a night or more where you self drive them up the river and find appropriate places to dock at night. It is a refreshing taste of freedom and independence on the water that you will never forget, and that you will probably want to repeat as soon as you can!

Back in Barmera Town another popular attraction is Rocky's Country Music Hall of Fame. Built to commemorate local country music legend Dean Rocky Page, it houses a range of memorabilia from a range of country stars and has a large ten metre high replica of a guitar. This town is big on its country music, and hosts an annual festival that attracts country fans and singers from across the country. If country isnt your thing but your stuck for something to do, then head to the drive in, one of the last in South Australia. It shows current release films and is a fun outing for adults, kids or couples.

There is a large range of accommodation in Barmera, so whether you want to camp, stay in budget accommodation or treat yourself to a fancy hotel you will be catered towards. Remember you can always be adventurous and hire a houseboat! Wherever you stay your time here is bound to be refreshing and invigorating, and you will take home some special memories set amongst spectacular landscapes.

Gavin Wyatt is a journalist with a passion for travel. originally from Zambia he has traveled around the world to end up on the sunny shores of Australia. For more of his articles visit South Australian Car Rental

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Riverland-Country/355655

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