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1914 D PCGS G4 Buffalo Nickel Semi Key Rare Indian Head 5c Coin SHIPS FREE
1914 d pcgs g4 buffalo nickel semi key rare indian head 5c coin ships free
Numismatist Collectors of Coins Coins of the Atocha Magazine Oct 86 Key West
numismatist collectors of coins coins of the atocha magazine oct 86 key west
1892 S Morgan Silver Dollar 1 PCGS XF40 PQ Rare EF40 Key Date Coin
1892 s morgan silver dollar 1 pcgs xf40 pq rare ef40 key date coin
1893 O Morgan Silver Dollar 1 NGC VF35 Rare Key Date Certified Coin
1893 o morgan silver dollar 1 ngc vf35 rare key date certified coin
1921 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 50C PCGS G6 Rare Key Certified Coin
1921 d walking liberty half dollar 50c pcgs g6 rare key certified coin
1901 S Barber Dime VF Key Date Coin
1901 s barber dime vf key date coin
Australia 2007 1 1 oz 999 Silver Kangaroo Key Date RARE
australia 2007 1 1 oz 999 silver kangaroo key date rare
1983 1993 Australian 11 Key Date 20 cent coins UNC
1983 1993 australian 11 key date 20 cent coins unc
Australia 1925 1d Penny Key Date coin Broken N Variety aVF RARE
australia 1925 1d penny key date coin broken n variety avf rare
Presidential Coin Display Case 100 Yrs Lincoln Coin 150 Anniv Chest NO KEY
presidential coin display case 100 yrs lincoln coin 150 anniv chest no key
Portugal 50 Centavos 1953 Uncirculated Coin  Key Date
portugal 50 centavos 1953 uncirculated coin key date
1948 Canada Dollar ICG MS60 Details Rare Key Date BU Uncirculated Coin
1948 canada dollar icg ms60 details rare key date bu uncirculated coin
Mexico 50 Centavos 1977 Mo Brilliant Uncirculated Coin  Key Date
mexico 50 centavos 1977 mo brilliant uncirculated coin key date
1932 S Washington Quarter 25C PCGS MS62 Rare Key Date Certified UNC Coin
1932 s washington quarter 25c pcgs ms62 rare key date certified unc coin
1895 O Morgan Silver Dollar 1 Certified NGC XF40 EF40 Rare Key Date Coin
1895 o morgan silver dollar 1 certified ngc xf40 ef40 rare key date coin
1896 o morgan silver dollar au rare high grade key date us silver coin
1928 Peace Silver Dollar 1 ANACS AU50 Details Rare 1928 P Key Date Coin
1928 peace silver dollar 1 anacs au50 details rare 1928 p key date coin
1894 Morgan Silver Dollar 1 PCGS G6 Rare Key 1894 P Certified Coin
1894 morgan silver dollar 1 pcgs g6 rare key 1894 p certified coin
1895 O Morgan Silver Dollar 1 PCGS XF45 EF45 PQ Rare Key Date Coin
1895 o morgan silver dollar 1 pcgs xf45 ef45 pq rare key date coin
1801 draped bust large cent key date us coin
1893 O Morgan Silver Dollar 1 NGC VF20 PQ Rare Key Date Certified Coin
1893 o morgan silver dollar 1 ngc vf20 pq rare key date certified coin
1896 S Barber Quarter 25C PCGS G6 Rare Key Date Certified Coin
1896 s barber quarter 25c pcgs g6 rare key date certified coin
1886 Liberty Nickel 5C ANACS G6 Details Rare Key Date Certified Coin
1886 liberty nickel 5c anacs g6 details rare key date certified coin
1886 Liberty Nickel 5C PCGS VG Details Rare Key Date Certified Coin
1886 liberty nickel 5c pcgs vg details rare key date certified coin

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Things you should know about coin collecting by Ian Niven

While some choose to collect gold coins simply for the pure passion of the hunt or because they really love the items, others do it because many gold coins are valuable. Much like baseball cards and comic books, you can find limited edition gold coins worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many special issue gold coins are extremely rare and much desired, making them a huge asset to a collection.

Of course, most gold coins don't fetch anywhere near that much, and most would not sell for more than face value alone. However, having a complete set of a certain edition can up the value of each individual coin. Also, there is always the chance that you'll run across one of those gold coins that is worth a great deal. Even if you don't, having an extensive collection of gold coins that includes several important era pieces can draw in some extra cash as well.

One thing that is very important to do when you are collecting gold coins is to make a periodic trip to a knowledgeable individual and have some of the rarer individual coins as well as the entire set of gold coins appraised to see if you are gaining or losing value over time. Obviously, if you continue adding gold coins, the value will increase, but by how much? How do you know that you are collecting valuable coins or scrap metal?

There is a key to knowing when it might be worthwhile to purchase gold coins. First of all, never sit in awe of a commercial for commemorative issue gold coins in limited quantities. Obviously, these gold coins are still mass produced and could not be considered rare, regardless of what the commercial says. Also, it is better to verify the sale and purchase are through some kind of authorized vendor who has been proven to sell only authentic gold coins.

Whatever reason the hobby is chosen, hundreds of thousands of individuals across the world invest quite a bit of time and money in the collection of gold coins, building huge lots that can be worth a great deal of money.

Many people collect gold coins because they are worth money. However, others truly find the coins to be attractive and simply get satisfaction from building a beautiful collection of gold coins to display. For these individuals, gold coins are collected as a hobby for pure pleasure. Many of these individuals are well-versed in the history of the gold coins they collect and go beyond simply displaying them on a shelf. In fact, they greatly enjoy discussing the collection and explaining the origin of the gold coins that they possess.

Also, having your gold coins appraised gives you a solid number that you can take to an agent and have your gold coins insured for a specific amount. Knowing exactly what they are worth will give the adjuster a better idea of where to begin with your insurance quote in terms of value. If your collection is worth $50,000, you obviously don't want to purchase a $5,000 insurance policy on your collection. On the other hand, you don't want to overpay, so getting an appraisal for your gold coins can be of great assistance to you.

Other individuals are passing the gold coins along as a family heirloom, you'll want to have details on its value. A collection of gold coins left to an individual in a will should have a somewhat recent appraised value (hopefully accurate within a year) so that your heirs know what they actually have in possession.

Because many hobbies can become expensive, few people follow through to the point of having a marketable collection. This could be for show in a museum or art gallery, or it could be for sale purposes. The rule holds true especially for gold coins. However, there are investors out there who have spent a lot of time and money building up an incredible collection of gold coins in order to profit from the rising value of such coins.

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