Silver Mark

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1913 D Germany Bavaria Silver 3 Mark NGC MS 64 World Silver Coin Free Shipping
1913 d germany bavaria silver 3 mark ngc ms 64 world silver coin free shipping
1949 D PCGS Rosevelt Dime Mint State 66 Has Full Bands But Not Marked On Holder
1949 d pcgs rosevelt dime mint state 66 has full bands but not marked on holder
Germany Prussia 1876 A 5 Mark Trace Lustre Fine+
germany prussia 1876 a 5 mark trace lustre fine+
German New Guinea 1894 A 2 Mark gVF
german new guinea 1894 a 2 mark gvf
1900 Bavaria Silver 5 Mark Germany Problem Free
1900 bavaria silver 5 mark germany problem free
1874 CC Trade Silver Dollar PCGS XF 45 Chop Mark
1874 cc trade silver dollar pcgs xf 45 chop mark
Australia 2012 1 1oz Silver Kookaburra Dragon Privy Mark In its Capsule Only
australia 2012 1 1oz silver kookaburra dragon privy mark in its capsule only
Australia 1999 2 2oz Silver Kookaburra Glamour 4 Coin Privy Mark Series ASW 8oz
australia 1999 2 2oz silver kookaburra glamour 4 coin privy mark series asw 8oz
Australia 1997 2 2oz Kookaburra 1937 Crown Privy Mark
australia 1997 2 2oz kookaburra 1937 crown privy mark
Australia 1996 2 2oz Kookaburra Star Pagoda Privy Mark
australia 1996 2 2oz kookaburra star pagoda privy mark
Australia 1996 2 2oz Kookaburra Ducat Privy Mark
australia 1996 2 2oz kookaburra ducat privy mark
Australia 1995 2 2oz Proof Kookaburra Melbourne Centenary Florin Privy Mark
australia 1995 2 2oz proof kookaburra melbourne centenary florin privy mark
Australia 1992 2 2oz 999 Silver Kookaburra Holey Dollar Privy Mark
australia 1992 2 2oz 999 silver kookaburra holey dollar privy mark
2004 ngc ms70 silver eagle pristine condition with no tone spots or marks
1901 G Germany Baden Friedrich Silver 2 Mark VF EF
1901 g germany baden friedrich silver 2 mark vf ef
Germany States 1875E Saxony Albertine Silver 5 Mark
germany states 1875e saxony albertine silver 5 mark
Germany States Bavaria 1910 D Silver 3 Mark Nice Example
germany states bavaria 1910 d silver 3 mark nice example
Y 652 LM 449 1898 China Chihli Silver Dollar 1 PCGS VF Details Chop Mark
y 652 lm 449 1898 china chihli silver dollar 1 pcgs vf details chop mark
1903 D German States Bavaria Silver 5 Mark
1903 d german states bavaria silver 5 mark
German Empire GermanyPreussen silver coin 5funf mark1903
german empire germanypreussen silver coin 5funf mark1903
3 MARK  PRUSSIA 1913 A 25 SILVER JUBILEE Wilhelm II  Uniformed Bust
3 mark prussia 1913 a 25 silver jubilee wilhelm ii uniformed bust
1979 S US MINT PROOF SET Clear Mint Mark
1979 s us mint proof set clear mint mark
Germany 1901 D Bayern 2 Mark Coin
germany 1901 d bayern 2 mark coin
Germany 1876 G Bayden 5 Mark Coin
germany 1876 g bayden 5 mark coin
Germany 1903 A Prussia 5 Mark Coin
germany 1903 a prussia 5 mark coin
Kashi Janapada Archaic Punch Marked Coinage 5 Shana Silver PMC Geometric SD 142
kashi janapada archaic punch marked coinage 5 shana silver pmc geometric sd 142
Old Germany Silver Coin 5 Mark Year 1913 Wilhelm II in Uniform 28 gram
old germany silver coin 5 mark year 1913 wilhelm ii in uniform 28 gram
Old Germany Silver Coin 3 Mark 16 gram Year 1911 Prinz Leopold
old germany silver coin 3 mark 16 gram year 1911 prinz leopold

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Silver Mark

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Getting Real TV: Mark Silver and the Heart of Business

Know How to Test Your Silver Jewelry

Since it is not practical to use genuine silver due to its softness, it is blended with other durable metals like copper, zinc and nickel. This alloy of silver and metal is called Sterling silver. It is also called 925 silver, as sterling silver has 92.5% of silver content and only 7.5% of non-silver metals. Therefore, for a piece of jewelry to qualify as sterling silver, it should contain at least '925' pure silver. Sometimes some jewelry will be made of some other metal coated with a layer of sterling silver. This is called silver plating. Sometimes these pieces of jewelry are marketed as sterling silver. We can avoid making a mistake by remembering to look for some signs that will prove or disprove the authenticity of the jewelry.

Does it bear the mark?

You can identify authentic sterling silver by looking for a mark on the jewelry. The law states that authentic sterling silver must be marked 'Sterling' or '925'. This engraving is done when the genuine silver is crafted and is typically engraved on the clasp of necklaces or inside of a silver ring or silver bracelet. If the authenticating mark is not present, the chance that it is genuine is extremely rare.

Is the too bright or worn off?

Examine the coloring of the item very closely. Silver plated jewelry is generally shinier and warmer in tone than genuine silver. If it shines too much or you see parts of the jewelry where the silver looks like it has worn off, the piece of jewelry is possibly silver plated and not authentic.

Does it rub off right?

Authentic silver gets oxidized and tarnishes when kept in open air. Using a light-colored and soft piece of cloth, rub the surface of the item. If you find black marks on the cloth, then the item is very possibly authentic.

Will it survive the acid test?

Take the piece of jewelry to the jewelry shop and ask them to test it by applying nitric acid to a non-conspicuous spot. The acid will discolor unauthentic silver due to the high content of copper and will leave a permanent green spot. This is a sure test for silver-plating and for disproving authenticity.

To be completely sure, make sure you purchase your sterling silver from a trusted source like a neighborhood jeweler or a reliable online jewelry retailer. Also try to check out the reputation of the jeweler by asking friends, family and acquaintances. Trusted jewelers can appraise any piece of jewelry, like a silver bracelet or silver ring, you currently own, and tell you if they are fake or not.

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