Smarty Jones

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Smarty Jones

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2004 Kentucky Derby


Joe Mercer

 78 champion jockey 1979;
John Servis

 54 trainer of
Jostle & Smarty Jones; David Smaga 62 trainer of Lancastrian &
Triptych; Bryan McMahon 75 trainer of Roving Minstrel & Needwood
Blade; Michael Prosser 46 director of racing & clerk of the course
at Newmarket; Rebecca Davies 34 commercial & operations manager at
Cheltenham; David Stoddart 75 owner of Private Views & Party
Politics; Gregg McCarron 64 rider of On The Sly & Before Dawn; Gary
Baze 57 rider of Judge Angelucci & Unfinished Symph; Scott Spieth 46
American jockey; Boots Wilkinson 82 former jump jockey; Heather Webster
51 rider of Blessed Spirit; Tina Jackson 45 rider of Rimsky; Fiona
Storey 53 rider of
1. The estate or domain of a feudal lord.

2. Something over which one dominant person or group exercises control:
; Adrian Butler 45 owner with Alan Swinbank;
Dan Farley 70 former Racing Post US reporter; Nolan Byrne 27 amateur
rider; Charlie Wallis 26 amateur rider; Tom Garner 22 amateur rider
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