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3 Dormer Loft Conversion to a Victorian End Terrace part2

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Victorian Finish

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Trinket Boxes Are Ideal Collectibles

What Is a Trinket Box

Before we look at trinket boxes, let us take a look at the basic box. Any receptacle with a lid could be defined as a box. The original boxes were probably rectangular wooden receptacles used to store grains. The box has come a long way since then.

These days, boxes are used to store all kinds of things, not just agricultural produce. And they are made of metal, plastic, cloth and other kinds of materials. The shape could be oval, round, cylindrical, sloped lid, domed lid and any other that could catch your fancy.

When people began to collect things, the innumerable varieties of boxes were probably an early collectible item. And trinket boxes are ideal collectibles. They are small, could be used to store valuables like jewelry, or just any trinket that fascinate you.

Trinket boxes come in a large variety. Let us take a look at a few of these varieties.

Trinket Boxes

One early innovation was the use of porcelain to produce trinket boxes. Porcelain is a beautiful material that could be shaped into any desired form. You could have porcelain boxes made in the shapes of Gods and Goddesses, Fairytale Characters, Animals, Birds and so on. Instead of the box itself being shaped in one of these forms, you could mount the shapes on a conventionally shaped box.

Victorian Trinket boxes are an example of trinket boxes that have become antique collectibles now. And today’s trinket boxes come tailored to meet different interests, themes, moods and fancies. With the classy finish of porcelain and delicately painted miniatures these trinket boxes are things of fascination.

Let us look at one specific source of porcelain trinket boxes to see what are typically on offer. We’ll look at Limoges trinket boxes that are made by manufactories in Limoges, France. Limoges porcelain became world famous in the 19th century and the manufactories there have acquired centuries of experience in making and shaping porcelain.

You could get Limoges trinket boxes made in an innumerable variety of shapes. The shapes include animals like bears and foxes, birds, bugs like the famed Ladybug, fish and dragons. There are trinket boxes on themes like food & beverage, garden and flower, monuments, religion & nativity and sport & gambling. You could also get Limoges trinket boxes on Eiffel tower, New York, beaches and ocean.

Trinket boxes appeal to your sense of possession and are beautiful to behold. Porcelain is a material that creates a sense of permanence and it could be painted in brilliant colors that do not fade or get stained. And trinket boxes are cute with their small size, and could be used, if you want, to store the numerous trinkets you have gathered.

Limoges trinket boxes are not only excellent collectible items but are also superb gifts. The gifts could be tailor-made to the occasion, such as Christmas, or the recipient, as when you gift a set of golf figurines to a golf enthusiast.

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